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How to DIY and Awesome Man Cave Building Your Friends Will Love

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Homeowners spend a whopping $6,000 per year on renovation projects. This spend is an almost essential means of turning your house into something that feels truly comfortable and reflective of who you and your family are.

So where are you going to be investing your 6 grand this year?

Our suggestion is putting it into an incredible man cave building project!

Man caves are defined as a space that is fully equipped with everything that would make most men want to drop to their knees and cry tears of happiness. We’re talking flat screens, bars, video games and so much more.

To give you inspiration for your man cave building project, our team has put together this list of tips on how to make a man cave out of a garage, barn, shed or other detached space!

1. Make Sure Your Man Cave Locks

We believe that the best man caves are detached from your home. If you don’t have a space like that, consider checking out companies like Victory Buildings that can hook you up with essentials you can learn more about.

If you do have a detached space to build your man cave in, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure it locks.

You are going to be loading your cave up with a lot of expensive stuff. Invest in lockable, forced-entry resistant doors to protect your belongings.

2. Hop on the Phone with Your ISP

Fast internet is a must for your man cave. In a perfect world, you would have access to a wired connection within your outdoor cave area. Your ISP may be able to hook you up with something with a quick phone call.

If hard-wired connections aren’t possible, invest in WiFi range extenders to pick up your house’s internet and be sure your in-home router is using AC technology.

3. Style Your Cave

There is no one size fits all decor for a man cave so we won’t get too particular here. What our staff’s design experts will say though is that you should shoot for sharp colors like white, black and some splashes of red for a nice modern edge.

Also, drop a few dollars on some Phillips Hue Color bulbs which can give you awesome control over the mood of your space.

4. Decide Now What Amenities You Must Have

Is your man cave going to have a bar? Great! You’ll need room for kegs, a tap, shelves for mugs and more!

Are you going to be focused on gaming? Also great! You are going to need room for comfy sofas and wall space for sick flat screens.

Whatever tickles your man cave fancy, be sure to let that be your driving focus and revisit other “nice to have” amenities later.

If you spread yourself too thin from the start, your man cave won’t have an identity and will be less of a cave and more of a cluttered mess.

Wrapping Up Man Cave Building Tips

If you’re in the market for turning your external structure into a man cave building, we’re here to pat you on the back and say “Go for it!”.

To get started, follow our tips above. Pre-plan what you’ll prioritize in your cave and ensure your structure will be able to accommodate your grand ambitions.

Above all else, have fun! Home renovations are cool treats, especially when they’re centered around building you something truly awesome!

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