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The 11 Most Iconic Products that are Still Made in America

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Long gone are the days where everything in our cupboards, closets, and garages got made in America. Production costs have driven many manufacturers overseas.

Yet, those remaining manufacturers get driven by value. They put pride and quality first when it comes to their products. They create new jobs for American families.

It’s why American goods have a 150% higher value than what gets made overseas in countries such as China.

Yet, it’s surprising how many products are still produced here in our own country. Here’s a list of the 11 most iconic products made in America.

1. Beer

America’s favorite beverage has evolved as craft breweries pop up across the country. Here are a few American-made favorite breweries:

  • Sierra Nevada Brewing – Chico, CA
  • DogFish Head – Milton, DE
  • Allagash Brewing Co – Portland, ME
  • Great Lakes Brewing – Cleveland, OH
  • Narragansett – Providence, RI
  • Harpoon Brewery – Boston, MA
  • Bells Brewery – Comstock, MI
  • Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn, NY
  • Founders Brewing – Grand Rapids, MI
  • Shipyard Brewing – Portland, ME
  • Ithaca Beer Co – Ithaca, NY

Yuengling, the nation’s oldest “craft” brewery continues to produce beer in Pennsylvania. They’ve also added another brewery in Tampa, FL. Pabst (PBR) is another U.S.A made beer, that has become hip among younger generations.

Top-selling beer Budweiser creates some controversy over its American-status. Anheuser Bush sold its company over to Belgium. Yet, it still has 12 different brewery locations operating in America.

Bud also does a great deal to support states in need. When disaster struck in Florida, California, and Texas the company donated millions of cans of water.

So the jury is out on whether Budweiser can still call itself America’s beer. If it makes you feel better, chill your buds in an igloo cooler. It’s yet another of the made in America products, coming straight from Texas.

Looking for something a little stronger? Jack Daniel’s Whiskey has gotten made in good old Tenessee since 1866.

2. Wilson Footballs

Wilson will always be at the heart of the American sport of football. Their brand has gotten used by NFL since 1941.

This Ohio-based company makes quality leather footballs for athletes, families, and sports collectors. Their factory employs over 130 workers who make over 700,000 pigskins each year.

Workers use sewing machines instead of high-tech machinery and equipment. The football’s laces even get hand-stitched.

A Wilson football is the staple of American families who enjoy playing in their backyard. Kids should play sports because it promotes family bonding and physical fitness.

Or they can swap the football for a game of baseball. Baseballs may no longer get made in America, but Louisville Slugger baseball bats sure do. Their factory in Kentucky has been building wooden bats since 1884.

3. KitchenAid Mixers

An electric mixer is a kitchen essential. Especially when it comes to baking holiday treats.

Ask any woman, but owning a KitchenAid mixer is a right of passage to domestic living. This explains why it’s one of the most popular registered items at bridal showers.

The company manufacturers these mixers in Ohio, with over 700 people working there. The company prides itself on being able to produce over 7,000 machines in a day.

These high-performance KitchenAid mixers are pricier than other brands. Yet, these American made products get built to last. They also offer blenders and tons of attachments for all your baking needs.

4. L.L Bean Boots

This retailer offers affordable yet high-quality products geared toward outdoor enthusiasts. Their ever-popular duck boot is either worn or adored by every woman in America. This women’s boot is also handmade in the U.S.A, at their factory in Maine.

This signature product combines style with comfort and comes in a variety of designs. They get made a single boot at a time, to enhance quality control and detail. These boots are some of the company’s top-selling products thanks to their waterproof soles and triple stitched design.

Or grab a pair of New Balance sneakers. Be sure to look for their “Made in America” label. They make these shoes at their factories in New England.

5. RV Trailers

Traveling cross-country by motorhome is an American Dream for many. Thanks to Thor Industries, this dream is still made in the U.S.A.

About 80% of all RV’s get built at Thor’s factory in Indiana. They own popular RV brands such as Airstream, Jayco, and CrossRoads. Their Thor Motorcoach line of RV’s is the top-selling brand in the country.

Their factory also employs over 500 Americans. Those traveling on a family vacation can even tour their factory to see how the RV’s get made.

Looking for something on 2 wheels instead? Harley Davidson still operates factories around American. Not all their parts get made in America, but they do get assembled in the U.S.

Fixing a motorcycle engine can be difficult if you don’t have a mechanic background. So go for a motorcycle of quality American made muscle.

6. Zippo Lighters

Zippo’s sleek metal design has come along way, yet not much has changed when it comes to quality. These products made in the USA also come with a lifetime warranty. The company still stands by its promise to fix your lighter for free, should it ever break.

The Zippo factory lives in Pennsylvania. While Americans may be smoking less, the lighter company is still racking in sales. These reusable and wind-resistant lighters are a must-have tool for camping trips.

Their iconic lighters come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fun designs. Zippo even offers customized options for a great gift idea.

7. Crayola Crayons

Crayola continues to stand by its colorful promise of offering children a fun playtime activity.

They started with only 8 classic colors and have grown to over 120 colors. Crayola continues to add new colors to their boxes. Their newest is a bold shade of blue that got discovered by chemists a few years ago.

Crayola’s factory in Pennsylvania makes as many as 12 million crayons each day. It has even become an attraction for families looking to add a little color to their vacation.

8. Hershey Chocolate Bars

This favorite chocolate company is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It’s where their manufacturing plants make over 70 million chocolate kisses each day.

It’s also home to Hershey Park, where you can take a Hershey’s Chocolate Tour or visit their chocolate spa. Their Pennsylvania plants also produce chocolate syrup and chocolate bars.

Hershey has since expanded operations in the U.S. and around the globe. They opened locations in Japan, Mexico, and Dubai. Yet, their Cadbury, Twizzlers, and Ice Breakers brands are still produced in America.

9. Pyrex Glassware

Pyrex has long lived in many kitchens throughout America since 1915. They provide the perfect solution for family leftovers. Their glass tupperware set is long-lasting and BPA free.

Families feel safe using their glassware for their baking and food storage needs. It also reduces food odors and is easier to clean than plastic alternatives. Their line of Snapware containers locks into place to keep food fresher, longer.

Tupperware’s line of Sterilite storage containers may work better for packing kids lunches. These lightweight plastic containers get Manufactured right in Iowa.

10. Tom’s Beauty Products

Tom’s all-natural skincare and beauty products are proudly made in America. The brand has been around since 1970 and operates out of Maine.

Tom’s manufacturers deodorant, toothpaste, and baby products. Their personal care products include no toxins and offer fresh clean scents.

Burt’s Bees is another brand that prides itself on domestic made beauty products. This North Carolina-based company gets known for their lip balms with natural ingredients.

11. Charcoal Weber Grills

Weber rules in the land of backyard barbeques. It’s considered the top grill manufacturer in America.

Their original charcoal grills are American made products, manufactured in Illinois. Yet, some of their gas models and other products get made overseas.

This family-run business also sells grilling accessories, cookbooks, and barbeque sauces. They even have a chain of Weber barbeque restaurants. You’ll find them in select locations from St. Louis to Chicago.

How American-Made Goods Can Impact Your Business

So what about those Americans who own their own business? 80% of Americans prefer domestic made goods, and will even pay more for them. So, business owners can profit from this and use it as a marketing tool.

Here’s how certain businesses can help support domestic products.

Toy Shops

Instead of those inexpensive “Made In China” toys, go old-school. K’nex, Shinola bikes, Vermont Teddy Bears, and Slinkys are all made in the U.S.A.

Hardware Stores

Benjamin Moore paint gets made in more than 7 American cities. Gorilla Glue operates its factory from Ohio.

Sporting Goods and Outdoor Gear

Smith & Wesson sell some of America’s most popular guns, made in Massachusettes. Tibor Reel’s Signature Fly Fishing Wheel and Buck Knives are other domestic-made products.

Marijuana Dispensaries

As legal status changes, these continue to pop up all over America. If planning to open a dispensary, be sure to learn more about marijuana products made in America.

Vote Yes for Products Made in America

As you can see, there are still hundreds of products that get made right here in America by quality companies.

This list doesn’t even mention the big-ticket items that get produced in America. American manufacturers are focusing on aircraft vessels, energy products, and space equipment.

Other products made in America relate to the fashion industry. Domestic designers continue to look for ways to support ethical and sustainable fashion.

Have a favorite fashion brand that ships from overseas? Well, you can always add an American Flag custom jacket patch to your clothing.

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