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4 Energy Saving Tips Every Electrician Should Know

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As an electrician, your job sometimes is to help clients during an electrical disaster. But your job is also to help them prevent such disasters.

If your customers have been experiencing higher bills than usual, why not share with them some of your best-kept energy saving tips?

Keep reading this article to learn about four of them.

1. Get an Inspection from an Electrician

A lot of clients might complain about the high electric bills they receive every month, even though, they try to reduce their electric usage.

If this is the case with your clients, you should recommend a home inspection by a certified electrician. Having an inspection will help find the culprit responsible for the steep electric bill.

Sometimes the problem is in the type of lightbulbs, older appliances, or the AC system. A professional electrician can also install upgrades, rewire faulty circuits, and offer other solutions.

It’s a great idea for clients to have their home inspected every couple of years or when they suspect a bigger electrical issue. A professional like this company will be happy to help.

2. Don’t Neglect the AC

If your clients live in a warmer climate, then you know they’re going to get the most use of their AC. This also means higher than usual electric bills.

Sometimes there’s a reason why their AC causes the electric bills to be higher than usual. For example, the AC unit might be placed directly under the sunlight, the air filters might be dirty, or there might be another issue.

Recommend they have their AC unit inspected right before the summer starts to prevent a spike in their electrical bills. As good practice, offer some tips for keeping their home extra cool.

3. Talk About Smart Use of Appliances

Some customers might not want to spend the money on buying newer appliances. The money they’re saving in appliances is going to their electric bill.

Explain to customers how old appliances can use up to double the amount of electricity than newer appliances.

Also, recommend they wash their clothes in warm or cool cycles — hot cycles use up a lot more energy.

Another culprit for high electric bills is the refrigerator. Tell them to take a look at the temperatures. Really high temperatures will cause a lot more usage.

Ask them to check the door seal to ensure no cool air escapes.

4. Lightbulb Upgrading

Educate clients about the use of light bulbs. Tell them to switch to LED light bulbs rather than incandescent which uses a lot more electricity. Recommend they get a dimmer switch installed so they only use the electricity they need.

Often times, there’s faulty wiring in the lighting or lamp, so an inspection might be required.

Pass Along These Energy Saving Tips

Your customers will appreciate you sharing energy saving tips with them. It will show them you’re a true professional.

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