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And Then There Were Three: 8 Incredible DIY Baby Proofing Hacks

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If you’re welcoming a tiny member into your family, you might worry about your baby’s safety. You’ve probably cleaned every corner of your home to eliminate germs, but that doesn’t get rid of the danger.

Unless you live in a padded house, odds are there are plenty of hazards in your living space. When it comes to babies, the simplest household items can be dangerous.

To keep your infant’s “boo-boos” to a minimum, you’ll have to do some serious baby proofing. But baby proofing products on the market can cost you a fortune. Having a baby is expensive enough, who has extra funds for little plastic gadgets?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of DIY baby proofing hacks that will help you make your home safer. Not only are they cost-effective, but they work! Most of these hacks include things you already have in your home, so why not give them a try?

We’ve compiled eight DIYs that genius parents have tested so you don’t have to.  These clever hacks will protect your baby in every room of the house. Read on to see DIY child proofing hacks that will give you peace of mind!

1. Soften Bathtub Faucets

Bath time shouldn’t be a danger zone! Babies don’t have the best balancing act, so one wrong move in the tub can send them down. Nothing is worse than a crying baby that has hit their head on the faucet. Sure, there are expensive tools that can cover faucets, but you probably already have what you need to do it yourself.

Cut off a piece of a pool noodle and use it to cover the faucet. If your baby takes a tub tumble, they won’t hit their head on that metal faucet. Don’t trash the pool noodle, you can use them for more baby hacks later on!

2. Keep Kids in Cribs

Got a baby who’s on the move during bedtime? Babies that climb out of their cribs can hurt themselves.

Sure, there are tricks you can try to train your baby to stop breaking out, but you can put it to an end with this clever DIY. Sew a two-inch wide strip of fabric between the legs of their pajamas.

It won’t make your baby uncomfortable, but it will keep them from being able to swing one leg over the crib. You might have a frustrated baby at first, but a safe one!

3. Baby Proof Bookshelf

Every parent wants their babies to love books. But until they’re able to read, the bookshelf is another danger zone for little ones.

The wrong move could mean that your baby comes face to face with a heavy book. Don’t get hose expensive bands to keep books in place.

All you need are a few tools. Tie and tape bicycle innertubes around the fronts. The adults can still access books, but babies are prohibited!

4. Make your Windows Safer

Hang on to those twist ties from your bread loaves. They’re another household item that can make your home safer.

Curtains and blinds are no doubt strangulation hazards for babies. Here’s an easy hack: loop them up so kids can’t reach them. Then use twisty ties to secure them.

5. Soften Sharp Edges

Do you have tables and other furniture with sharp corners? There’s a couple of ways that you can avert this danger. Use foam pipe insulation to cushion the corners. It has one adhesive side, so all you have to is stick on the corner.

Another option is by using old tennis balls. You can cut a hole in the ball and wedge it on the corners of sharp furniture.

Remember those pool noodles we mentioned earlier? Here’s another time they come in handy. These are especially helpful for door fringes or bottom corners.

6. Keep Those Cabinets Locked

Have some cookie cutters in the kitchen? Use them to eliminate the danger of cabinets. This solution is cuter (and cheaper) than cabinet locks. All you have to do is place the cookie cutters around the knobs of the door.

If you don’t have cookie cutters on hand, try using hair ties or rubber bands.

7. Turn your Pet Gate into a Baby Gate

Baby gates are a necessity, especially in a home with stairs. You may use gates to keep your pets contained, but you can use them as baby gates too!

Keep your little one from tumbling down the stairs by blocking their path. Turns out, pet safety gates are as safe as baby gates. The difference is that pet gates are a fraction of the price!

This is a great hack for indoor areas but what about preventing falls outdoors? If you have a porch with steps, a ramp would be a better solution to keeping your baby safe. Read more here.

8. Cover your Fireplace

Don’t worry, you don’t have to say goodbye to your fireplace because you have a baby. This hack is helpful and too cute not to try.

Instead of getting another gate for this space, use a removable chalkboard. Make one yourself by coating a piece of plywood with magnetic and chalkboard paint. Then, screw it in place. Once your baby gets a little older, you can buy magnets to keep your little one entertained.

DIY Baby Proofing Solutions for your Home

When you have a new baby or an active toddler, it is crucial to baby proof every room in your home. This will keep your baby safe and give you peace of mind.

Sure, you can cover electrical outlets and tuck away cords, but, there are lesser-known tips and tricks for baby proofing your home.

Eliminating every possible hazard from your home doesn’t always mean you have to spend big bucks. A lot of the time, you can whip together a solution using household items.

DIY baby proofing may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you’re planning for a baby. But hang on to this list for when the time comes. When your new family member arrives, you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep them safe and sound.

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