Remembering a Loved One: 5 Creative Ways to Honor Them

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You remember how she used to make you laugh, calm your fears, and celebrate your victories with you — both large and small.

But now she’s gone. And you’re left with a proverbial hole in your heart that’s impossible to fill with someone else.

After all, she was your mom.

Research shows that losing a family member can indeed be a shock to your system both emotionally and physically. However, finding creative ways of honoring them may make it easier for you to cope with their loss.

Here’s a rundown on five creative things to do if you’re remembering a loved one.

Let’s get started.

1. Develop a Garden for Remembering a Loved One

If you have a green thumb, creating a beautiful memorial garden couldn’t be a better way to honor your loved one.

A memorial garden is a physical space where you can reflect on your loved one in peace whenever you wish. However, it also symbolizes death followed by renewal and then growth as the seasons progress. So, in this way, it is quite cathartic.

Perennials like daffodil bulbs are ideal to plant in your memorial garden. After all, they will return every spring and are virtually indestructible.

2. Commission Artwork

You could also incorporate your loved one into a piece of art, such as a painting or sculpture.

This is an ideal way to remember your loved one if you are an artist or an art aficionado. Art offers a comforting and tangible way to keep your loved one near you once they have passed away.

3. Scatter Ashes

Another way to remember your deceased loved one is to scatter their ashes in a spot that is meaningful.

For instance, let’s say that you just lost your dad but he was an avid golfer at your local golf course. You could fill in any divots at the golf course with his ashes while playing a round of golf.

You could even join the growing number of people scattering their family members’ ashes via fireworks.

Simply check with your local officials to see what areas they’ll allow you to store or scatter ashes.

4. Wear Ashes

Maybe you’re more interested in carrying your family member’s ashes around with you versus scattering them.

In this situation, glass cremation jewelry would be perfect for you.

This type of jewelry can easily hold the ashes in an artistic and elegant way. In this way, you can continue to feel the presence of your loved one in your life wherever you go.

5. Light a Candle

Holding a candlelight vigil is another ideal way to remember a lost loved one.

The great thing about these vigils is that multiple people can be involved in the ceremony and honor your loved one right along with you.

You can simply choose your loved one’s birthday or another meaningful date to hold the vigil.

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