6 Awesome DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans to Keep Your Bunny Happy and Healthy

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It’s hard to give an exact number, but estimates say that there are between 3-7 million pet rabbits in the United States. And that’s not counting all the rabbits that are kept for food and that are bred by owners.

If you keep rabbits and are looking for rabbit hutch plans, read on. Here are 6 awesome homemade rabbit hutch plans that you will love to build for your bunnies. 

1. Simple Wire DIY Rabbit Hutch

One of the easiest ways to build a rabbit hutch is by using wire. You don’t need a lot of supplies and you can make it as big or small as you want.

This great video tutorial shows in a lot of detail how to build a rabbit cage that is made from solid wire.

It’s not fancy or anything but if you want a functional rabbit hutch that is easy to clean, this is it.

The perk of an all wire cage is that it is simple to clean. There are no cracks or crevices to deal with. And, solid wire is going to keep your bunnies safe.

Rabbit predators can’t chew through a solid wire. And as rabbits have many predators, you want to ensure you can keep them safe outdoors.  

2. PVC Rabbit Hutch

This PVC rabbit hutch is simple to build. You really don’t need a hutch plan. If you’ve worked with PVC in the past you can design a PVC rabbit hutch in almost any configuration. 

This DIY rabbit hutch is great because it is modular. That means that if you want to add an extra few cages, it is easy to do. You just need a little more pipe.

We like the two-tier design because it saves space. You can stack the rabbit cages that way. And keep them off the ground so they are even more safe from predators.

In this plan, there is nothing on the ground under the lower level. If you wanted, you could build a rectangular, wooden base to store rabbit items such as bedding and food.

The picture in this PCV rabbit hutch doesn’t show a roof. But to protect your bunnies from the rain you will want to build a slanted roof. This keeps your bunnies dry and also ensures that the droppings from the first level get down to the lowest level. 

You can use corrugated plastic or wood. Stay away from a metal roof because your rabbits will overheat in the summer.

3. A-Frame Rabbit Hutch

This A-frame rabbit hutch is great if you have just a couple of bunnies or want to keep them separate. The design is distinctive and will look great in any yard all lined up together.

The best thing is that your rabbits will be high up off the ground to keep them safe from hungry predators.

This DIY rabbit hutch is also versatile. It is lightweight because it is made from wire and plywood. so you can pick it up and move it to another location if you want to.  

The big openings make it easy to reach in and grab your rabbit. 

4. 2-Story Indoor Rabbit Hutch

If you want to keep your pet rabbits inside and want them to be super comfy, this 2-story hutch is perfect. 

The best thing about this DIY hutch is that there is a designated spot for everything.

Upstairs, your bunnies will have their living space and food such as timothy hay. What is timothy hay you ask? Timothy hay is a healthy and inexpensive option for your bunnies. 

Downstairs is their toilet and sleeping rooms. You can open and close the ramp on this hutch so that your pets can climb out of their hutch when you want them too to be able to access the rest of the house.

But then when you want them to stay in their hutch, you just tuck the ramp up. So easy!

Plus it looks great inside your home. You can stain or paint the wood to match the color of your existing decor. 

5. Mobile Rolling Rabbit Hutch 

If you are looking for a homemade rabbit hutch that has wheels, check out this mobile hutch. 

Plywood, some lumber, castor wheels, a little hardware and some tools and you can build a great DIY rabbit hutch. Note that this DIY woodworking project is intermediate level. 

We love that you can move from inside to outdoors whenever you want.

This hutch has 2 areas. One is for the rabbit hole and the second is living space. It’s great that it has two doors so that you can reach in for your rabbit in either compartment. 

Make sure you measure carefully to avoid wasting supplies and having to redo your cuts. It’s a full day’s project but the end result is worth the effort.

6. The Dresser Hutch

You can make a homemade rabbit hutch out of old furniture like a dresser. Check out these plans for turning a dresser into a rabbit hutch. It just cost this woman $5 for supplies!

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on supplies, or if you want a vintage farmhouse chic rabbit hatch, upcycled furniture makes great rabbit hutches.

Just take off the doors add some staggered levels and some wire or racks and voila! 

Best of all, the bottom drawers are perfect for storing rabbit supplies conveniently close at hand. 

You can also use an old entertainment unit, bookcase or another furniture piece to create your own homemade rabbit hutch.

Final Word on Rabbit Hutch Plans

As you can see there are so many ways to make affordable and fun rabbit hutches for your bunnies.

Whether you raise them for food or keep them as pets, you rabbits will be happy and safe if you use any of these 6 rabbit hutch plans.

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