Just Listen: Why Listening to Music is Beneficial for Our Health

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Music is arguably the #1 most powerful, diverse type of art. Between all the different genres of music out there, the millions of singers and musicians who make it, and all the memories people make that involve music, there’s no denying how amazing this form of expression is. 

Not to mention, music is even capable of improving your health! 

Think about it: everyone has that one song that can always put them in a good mood. Most people also have a “wake up” song to get them ready for the day or a classic breakup song to soothe their heart when needed. 

There really is a song for any emotion, but the health benefits of music go way beyond that. Here are 7 ways listening to music can benefit your health. 

1. It’s a Stress Reliever

This is the most obvious health benefit of all. Whatever it is that’s stressing you out, there’s sure to be a song that makes you feel better. Whether that be a super upbeat classic or a slow and steady instrumental song to calm you down, you’re sure to find stress relief in your favorite tunes. 

Even ambient music is capable of this. The next time you go to a coffee shop or you’re walking around the grocery store, pay attention to what kind of music is playing. It’s amazing how this can soothe your stress even subconsciously.

2. It’s a Natural Mood-Booster

There’s decreasing your stress when it’s through the roof, and then there’s lifting your spirits when you need a pick-me-up. Music has the power to do both so long as you know what song to listen to. 

To be “mood-boosting” can mean so many things, though! 

There’s a song to lift your spirits when you feel unsure of yourself, when you’re lonely, when you’ve hurt someone you care about, and when you’re anxious about a big event coming up.

Regardless of whatever’s got you down in the dumps, the right tune is sure to bring you back up. This is even true for people who struggle with depression or who are prone to this condition if it runs in their family.

3. It Helps Memory Functions

If you’re a generally healthy, happy person, you can still benefit from listening to music. Perhaps the boost your wellbeing can get from music is in terms of your intelligence and memory functions. 

Put some music on the next time you’re studying for an exam or preparing a presentation. You’ll be surprised just how well the information comes to you once it’s time to put your memory to work!

4. It Can Increase Verbal Intelligence 

Music can help you memorize things that are completely unrelated to the lyrics in a song. Or, it can be an amazing language-learning tool if you start listening to music with words that are spoken in something besides English!

Studying a foreign language through music significantly improves your learning. It makes it easier for you to remember and understand the words being spoken. Not to mention, it gives you a feel for conversational words and phrases rather than getting a by the book understanding of a language that natives don’t really use. 

There are even some language benefits to gain from music in English. You never know what words or phrases you may come across if you start to pay closer attention to the lyrics of a song. You could even learn a thing or two about history and culture if you pick up on certain references. 

5. It Makes You Sleep Better

In the same way that music can lift you up, it can also bring you down to a relaxed, sleepy state of mind. This is amazing for people who have trouble sleeping on their own. 

Instead of relying on sleeping pills or certain foods/drinks, you can simply create a bedtime playlist to associate with sleep. Fill it with all your favorite slow, dreamy songs in order to enter your dream-like state more easily. Before you know it, your sleeping schedule will have vastly improved thanks to the help of music alone!

6. It Encourages You to Work Harder

Another thing that music can help you do is work harder. There are all kinds of motivational songs out there you can play when you’re pushing yourself in the gym or trying to get through the workday. 

Whatever it is that you need a boost of motivation for, your health is sure to benefit. You just need the right songs and the ultimate headphones to get your mind focused on the task at hand – and headphonesaddict can help you with the latter. 

You’ll feel better when you push yourself further in the gym, which can create healthy benefits like more oxygen flow through the body and stronger muscles.

As far as trying harder at work goes, this will support your mental health by giving you a sense of accomplishment and value. It could even lead to promotions and new opportunities if you play your cards (and your songs) right!

7. It Brings People Together

The final health benefit of music is that it brings people together. 

Many artists are open about their experiences with mental illness, addiction, and/or trauma. They’re comfortable being vulnerable about the things they’ve been through in an attempt of helping listeners get through their own tough times. 

The simple realization that you’re not alone can sometimes be the difference between seeing a situation clearly and getting all worked up about it. More so, the connections you make through the common love of music at shows and in everyday conversations can create a lot of health benefits in your life, too.

What Happens When You Start to Notice the Benefits of Listening to Music in Your Life

There’s so much more to music than meets the… ears. But, the key to getting health benefits from listening to music is to find the right songs for your needs.

It’s worth exploring easy-going, soothing songs if you struggle with anxiety or upbeat, faster tunes if you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation in your life. Learning about artists and going to shows is worth your while, too, since you never know what kind of connections these things can lead to. 

Soon enough, this will be your mood every time you put your headphones on and hit play.

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