Reach the Masses! 5 Incredible Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Air Quality Company

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Reaching your audience can be a challenge, to say the least. With almost 2 billion websites online — and more going live each day — it won’t get any easier.

To compete, your business will need to leverage the right digital marketing strategies.

Here are five great strategies to help your business succeed in an increasingly competitive digital market.

1. Social Media Marketing

An air quality company that wishes to maximize its audience interaction needs to follow the audience itself, instead of waiting for the audience to come to the company.

It’s estimated that there are around 2.7 billion social media users around the globe. With figures like that, it’s no wonder why so many companies are turning to social media.

But aside from the sheer number of people on social media, it has numerous advantages from a business standpoint.

For instance, social media is a wonderful way to inspire brand loyalty among preexisting customers and kindle relationships with new ones.

It also functions as a great makeshift customer service platform. Some 67% of customers now use social media to fix problems instead of going through a company’s website directly.

2. Establish Your Air Quality Company as Experts

Many consumers have become jaded and skeptical of businesses. It’s up to you and your colleagues to convince them that your air quality company is, indeed, an expert.

One fantastic way to do that is through content.

Your content library should include the type of information you’d like to see if you were the consumer.

Detailed how-to guides, video tutorials, and posts on why air quality matters are a few great ideas to help get you started.

3. Take Customers on a Journey

Informative posts are always great. But they’re not the only way to bring in more customers.

As it stands, some customers may not connect with your copy at all. Instead, you’ll want to focus on creating emotional, narrative-driven content.

If you’re skeptical, think of it this way: You’re presented with two options on Facebook. One video is an adorable kitten frolicking with some yarn. The other is a video of a large smoke stack with a dozen graphics and figures about air quality.

Though the latter may be interesting and informative, it isn’t engaging.

Write about real experiences when your company made a difference and you’ll see engagement shoot up.

These narratives also provide a wonderful opportunity to bring in some customers for testimonials.

4. Embrace Customer Reviews

Speaking of testimonials, the best way to convince others that your air quality company is worth their time and money is by letting customers do the advertising for you.

86% of customers researched a business before making a purchasing decision. Furthermore, positive reviews have the potential to decrease the amount of time a customer needs to make that decision.

List your company on review sites, and don’t forget to check in from time to time. Responding to customer reviews, both positive and negative, shows that you’re listening and that you want your customers to be happy.

5. Optimize Your Website

Google rewards sites that optimize their web pages, so take the time to get it right.

A well-optimized site should fit all of the following criteria:

  • Informative.
  • Well-designed.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Fast.

If you’re not sure if your company site makes the cut, browse some of the top results. Sites like https://www.thefreshaircompanies.com/ are great examples of how easy it is to create a customer-friendly website.

Use These Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Air Quality Company

Though there are plenty of ways to draw attention to your company, these five digital marketing strategies stand above the rest.

Keep these tips in mind as you start restructuring your website or refocus your branding.

Looking for more great ways to maximize your business? Check out these five free business tools for entrepreneurs.

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