9 Critical Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Needs to Know in 2019

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Digital marketing has always been a core aspect of a business’ day-to-day efforts. But it’s surprising how many businesses don’t reap the benefits of digital marketing.

49% of businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy. If you’re still not using a digital marketing strategy in 2019, you’re making a huge mistake. Digital marketing increases your brand awareness and boosts sales.

If you plan on implementing a digital marketing strategy in 2019, you need to ensure you’re using digital marketing correctly.

There are digital marketing strategies that will reign in 2019. But what are they?

Here are 9 digital marketing trends to expect in 2019.

1. Instagram Is a Hit

The only social media platform expected to have more engagement than social media giant Facebook is Instagram. Instagram boasts 800 million monthly active visitors.

Why is Instagram so engaging? Instagram is set up to easily view and share photos and videos.

The stories and live features are also a hit – 400 million users take advantage of Instagram stories every day.

This is why more marketers need to take advantage of Instagram marketing.

2. But You Also Shouldn’t Ignore Facebook

Just because Instagram is rising in the ranks doesn’t mean you need to ignore Facebook. Facebook marketing is beneficial because it appeals to all web users.

This not only means Facebook still reigns in social media marketing but you have the opportunity to appeal to a diverse audience and can use different marketing tactics to engage your audience.

3. Video Is Now Essential

Back in the day, video marketing was only a luxury. Today, it’s a necessity.

73% of Americans engage with YouTube more than other social media channels. Not only are more people watching videos but it’s likely your competitors are already engaging their audience with videos.

Why is video so popular? Videos are extremely engaging. You can convey lots of information in a short video. Plus, video is a great way to show off your branding.

For best results, create high-quality and compelling videos. Upload them on a wider range of video networks; even though YouTube reigns, Facebook is becoming a popular video platform.

4. But Written Content Still Matters

Just because video is reigning doesn’t mean you need to rid your marketing strategy of written content. Written content should continue to be a core aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

However, content marketing is changing. More emphasis is on short-form content. Blogs should also be UX-optimized, allowing for users to scroll and scan content quickly. Your headers and font should also be easily read.

But none of this sacrifices quality and SEO-driven content.

5. Chatbots Are Increasing

Bing! “Hello! Can I help you?” We all experience this when we visit a website.

A web chat suddenly pops up, asking us to type if we have any questions. These are called chatbots. While there may be a human on the other side of the chat, oftentimes it’s a robot.

Chatbots are one of the most common forms of AI. They communicate with customers, answering their questions and achieve company goals.

If you haven’t integrated chatbots into your website, it’s best to follow this trend in 2019.

6. Live Video Is Still Important

2018 saw the rise in live video. Facebook implemented it, and then it became popular on Instagram and YouTube. The live video trend only increases in 2019.

Live video easily engages your audience and is easy to use. There’s no need for fancy equipment or an in-depth video strategy. Just take your smartphone, open up a social media app, and press record.

Why is live video becoming popular? Streaming is in high demand. Your audience wants content and wants it immediately at their fingertips. Live videos are the best way to deliver these benefits to your audience.

7. Optimize for Voice Search

Do you type search queries into Google? Or do you ask Siri or Alexa? This is why voice search is one of the main SEO movements of 2019.

However, optimizing your SEO campaign for search is still challenging. Your best course of action is to choose keywords in phrases, also called longtail keywords.

Better yet, make your keyword a question.

Let’s say you’re writing a blog about broccoli. Instead of making your keyword “broccoli,” make your keyword “what are the vitamins and nutrients in broccoli?”

It’s more likely users will ask Siri or Alexa a question rather than say a search term.

8. Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Billions of web users still use their email. That’s why email marketing use isn’t stopping in 2019.

But email marketing faces its challenges. Gmail, the popular Google-owned mail service, created a “Promotions” tab, meaning most marketing emails end up there.

What’s the best way to combat this and boost engagement? Personalize your emails. Refer to the recipient by name, send them emails on their birthday, and email them promotions based on their buying trends.

9. Investing in Digital Marketing Companies

As you can tell, doing your own marketing is extremely difficult. That’s why many businesses expect to invest in digital marketing companies in 2019. This guarantees a professional is running their campaign and they will get results.

This strategy may be more costly but it’s worth it in the long run.

How do you find the best digital marketing company? There’s a lot out there. It’s best to do some shopping. You can also use the services from

Remember These Digital Marketing Trends for Results in 2019

Digital marketing is complex and continues to rise in 2019. These digital marketing trends will put you on the right path so you can reach results for the new year.

Do you need more business help for 2019? Read our business section for the latest advice.

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