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How to Get Your Dream Patio for Under $100

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Everybody wants the perfect patio. The very bridge between your home and nature, the patio is an essential part of life. But it can also cost a lot of money: in fact, the average price of installing a patio is almost $1,500.

Because of this, it’s easy to think of your dream patio as a nightmare. But you shouldn’t worry!

There are a lot of things you can do to make your patio super affordable. If you follow these tips, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank-or barbecue!

Figure out the Theme for your Dream Patio

You may be worried about this tip. After all, people hear about themed rooms and think of something tacky, like a bathroom with submarine-style windows or a bedroom with sports memorabilia all over the wall.

But an outdoor patio can have a number of elegant themes for a variety of prices. So before you even start planning, you should figure out exactly what theme you want for your patio.

Plan, Plan, Plan

There are a number of wonderful companies that can help you with your dream patio. Geniuses at companies like Decorative Concrete WA are great for creating your home.

But before you contact anybody, you need to plan. Knowing how large you want your patio to be can be vital for budgeting in terms of material and decorations. So make sure you have your patio planned before proceeding.

Buy Pre-Cast Stones

A big part of budgeting is knowing what materials will be helpful to purchase, and what materials will not. When it comes to your patio, pre-cast stones will be more financially effective than a variety of other concrete replacements.

The stones you purchase will be a major cost saving for this endeavor. This is because you purchase them individually, often for under $5. Comparing this to the over $12 per square foot that you’ll spend getting a patio installed, and you can see how important this decision is for saving money.

If you follow no other steps, you need to follow this one. Because this is the best way to affordably build your dream patio.

Roll up Your Sleeves

When you spend money on a patio, the biggest expense isn’t material. While you do need to pay quite a bit for this, a bigger expense is labor. If you don’t have a clear plan and material available, that will only drive it up further.

If you have the option to do this yourself, it’s good news for your construction project. If not, make sure you have as much of it planned as possible before hiring a contractor. This is the only way to have leverage in terms of price and quality.

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