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3 Benefits of Making Custom Lapel Pins, and How to Make Them

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If you keep up with millennial fashion, you may have noticed that enamel pins are making quite a statement.

However, shiny lapel pins aren’t only for trendy Instagram icons. They work super well as a branding resource for companies across the board.

You might be wondering how something so small can help to build your brand. Or perhaps you’re simply wondering how you could create your own lapel pins.

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below as we outline three benefits of custom lapel pins and detail how to make pins of your own.

1. Promotes Company Unity

Custom lapel pins are a fun and classy way to bring your team together. Giving your employees custom pins will make them feel recognized as an important part of your business.

Custom pins make a great way to commemorate yearly successes as well. It’s a fun opportunity for longstanding employees to create a collection of pins unique to their workplace and track their professional milestones.

2. Unique Form of Advertising

When brands want to advertise, they tend to opt for standard methods like renting out billboards or buying digital ad space. Custom lapel pins are a great way to advertise your company and stand out from the rest. By wearing custom pins on clothing or tacked onto bags, you can promote your business no matter where you go.

They’re also a great product to incorporate into your current marketing strategies. They are the perfect canvas for bright brand logos, especially since they are so easily customizable.

If you’re running a marketing campaign promoting a new product or event, you can create a special edition lapel pin for it. Lapel pins have beautiful finishes, so they’ll look great in photographs for your Instagram or Facebook business page.

3. Attract Potential Clients

Business cards are still a popular form of advertising, but they’re easy to misplace and potential clients may only glance at it once before shoving it in a drawer. However, a lapel pin is a unique way to grab a potential client’s attention, and people are less likely to toss them aside.

Custom lapel pins also make great freebies at tradeshows and events. Lapel pins are cheap and easy to make, and they’re an easy way to express what your company does and remind potential clients of your brand.

How to Make Pins for Your Company

If you’re wondering how to make pins with no design experience, don’t worry—it’s much simpler than you’d guess!

In order to create your own pins, you’ll just have to make a few easy decisions. For example, you will have to decide on a design. Are these simply for promotional purposes or are they to celebrate a specific event?

You’ll also have to choose between soft or hard enamel pins, as well as determine what size you’d like them to be.

If you visit this website, you can get a quote and begin the process of making your own pins. Custom order sites like this one help you through the order and design process, so your pins come out looking polished and classy.

A Pin for Every Occasion

Lapel pins aren’t just for fashion anymore, and you no longer have to wonder how to make pins on your own. The benefits are endless, and they couldn’t be simpler to make. If you’re looking for a fresh way to promote your company, consider custom lapel pins.

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