Home with Smoke Damage on Ceiling

How to Clean Smoke Damage From Your Home

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Fire and smoke damage cause over $1 billion in damage every year. 

Fire is very dangerous, and people die every day around the world due to fires. The smoke generated by fires causes tons of damage, not just to the burned structure but also to everything around it. If you live near others, you need to know how to clean smoke damage.

Your house or business can be subject to smoke damage from a wide variety of sources. Building fires, grass fires, and even vehicle fires can all cause smoke damage to homes and buildings around them. The flames are just one part of the damage, while everyone nearby will have to deal with the smoke.

How to Clean Smoke Damage

Smoke causes damage in a number of ways. It causes discoloration to structures, and soot and ash will stick to anything in its path. Removing ash and soot from the exterior or interior of a building is the first step towards cleaning up the smoke damage.

Using a HEPA Vacuum is also important as it will pull out the smoke particles from cracks and nooks in your home. If you don’t remove all of the smoke particulates, you can expect that your house will smell for at least months after the damage has occurred.

Tackling smoke damage by yourself can be a daunting process. There are soot and ash removers as well as techniques you can research. With all that, how to clean smoke damage is something that many leave to professionals.

Professional Contractors

The amount of clean up necessary will depend upon the amount of damage done. For anything extensive, you should consider having a contractor help you. With specialized tools and techniques, they know how to clean smoke damage.

Smoke damage can ruin the value of your home and property, so you should act fast. The investment will seem significant, but it is the only way to recover your home’s value. If you’re ever going to sell your house, most people won’t be interested if there’s any sign of smoke damage.

Dealing with smoke damage can be overwhelming if you try to do it all yourself. Getting a contractor in there will make the process a lot quicker and more bearable. You can also use the opportunity to have additional cleaning or remodeling done as many contractors have experience with painting and remodeling.

Smoke Damage and You

If you’ve been the victim of a house fire or been put through the stress of worrying whether or not your home would burn down, smoke damage is a lingering reminder of that. Finding the right contractor that knows how to clean smoke damage is about more than just repairing the structure. It’s also about fixing your life.

Don’t live with the constant reminder of bad experiences, get the smoke damage to your home or building cleaned and taken care of so you can move on with your life. Smoke damage is, at best, an expensive annoyance and, at worst, a reminder of the worst experience of your life.

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