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The Only Office Move Checklist You Need in 2020

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If you’re in the process of changing office locations, then it’s most likely safe to say that you have a lot on your plate at the moment. Planning an office move is stressful and can be overwhelming. The best way to stay on track and keep your sanity is to create an office move checklist. 

With an organized checklist by your side, you can ensure that everything gets done as needed. If you want your office move to be as smooth as possible, then continue reading below. Here’s our complete office move checklist that you should keep handy.

Create a Plan

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a plan. Your plan should include important dates, such as when the actual move will happen, when things should be packed, when you want employees to start labeling items, and so forth. 

Your plan should also include a list of employees and their assigned jobs. Each person in the office should have something assigned for them to do to make the move simple. This could be packing up their own office into boxes and labeling everything or being in charge of making sure everyone else gets this done. 

Assign jobs to take a little bit of weight off your own shoulders.

Hire a Moving Company

Your next step is to hire a moving company. A commercial moving company is the best route to take because it’ll ensure that everything is moved safely. To make the process go even faster, be sure to have everything in labeled boxes and in specific sections ready to go. 

All the movers will need to do is pick up the boxes room by room and load them onto the truck before arriving at the new office. If you want specific rooms to be loaded or unloaded first, place the boxes in this order. 

Discontinue Services 

Don’t forget to discontinue all services attached to your old office. All internet companies, utility companies, and other services should be notified of the move and moving dates. The last thing you want to do is pay for services at two different locations. 

Do, however, ensure that the lights are kept on until after the move. You don’t want to be stuck moving items in the dark either. This is a great example of a job that you can assign someone in the office to be in charge of. 

Take Inventory

You should take inventory of all your office items as well. Taking inventory of everything before the move, during the move, and after the move is the best way to make sure nothing was forgotten. All big items and even small items should be noted.

If there are important documents or paperwork, be sure to place these at the beginning of the list and have them placed in a safe spot. You might want to even transport these items yourself.

What Does Your Office Move Checklist Look Like?

Not everyone’s office move checklist looks the same. This guide above is a good starting point, however. What will your office move checklist look like?

Use the guide above as your outline and check back with us daily for more helpful posts!

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