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6 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

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Did you just buy a new house? That’s so exciting! You might be looking at some parts of your new pad and thinking “this could use a renovation”, right?

There’s nothing wrong with an update. You have to make your space yours!

If you’re going to fix up your kitchen though, you want to avoid some serious kitchen renovation mistakes that so many new homeowners make. 

You might be thinking that this is a pretty easy process, but there are some things that can cause major issues in the future. Don’t worry, other people have made the mistakes first so you don’t have to. 

Keep reading to learn about just a few kitchen renovation mistakes that you might want to avoid.

1. Doing it Yourself

Hear us out.

If you’re a wonder in the household and you know your way around a saw and a can of paint, maybe you can take this project on by yourself. Maybe you’re just painting or swapping out a countertop. You might be able to make this happen. 

If you’re really planning a full renovation, though, you’ll want some help. 

This is a big project, and hiring a team of some sort will allow you to figure out what’s achievable and what isn’t. Professionals know how to make your ideas come to life even if you only have a vague design in your head. 

You might think that you’re saving money by doing it alone but you’d be surprised. 

How much money will you waste on extra materials when you do things incorrectly? How much time will you waste doing work that you don’t really know how to do? 

Save time and money by hiring professionals to help you out with this kitchen renovation. You can still keep your vision but without the headache. You’ll thank yourself later. 

2. Forgetting Your Kitchen Work Style

You might have visions of a beautiful and complicated kitchen structure with an island with a built-in stove, double ovens, and all kinds of fun trinkets. Maybe you want the sink by the refrigerator for something different (because that’s where the window is).  

How does this fit into your kitchen workflow?

It’s possible that you’re flexible and you can adjust to anything, but consider how you generally move in the kitchen (or how you’d like to be able to move). 

Remember, the kitchen is a functional space. You want it to be homey and beautiful, but you also need to be able to navigate it. If you’re climbing over a kitchen island to get to and from the fridge, you might need to get back to the drawing board.

3. Neglecting Storage Space

So you’ve drawn out your perfect kitchen. 

The oven looks great. You’ve got a french door refrigerator. You have a chilled bar and a serving island. 

It looks like your cabinets and drawers are an afterthought though.

They’re small and most of them are hard to reach. How tall do you think you are? Not tall enough to reach those cabinets! 

Think of all of the things that get stored in a kitchen! You have utensils, ceramic cookware, plates and bowls, your collection of kitschy mugs; you need some space. 

4. Forgetting to Consider Aesthetic

While a lot of this so far has been focused on those who consider aesthetics as the only factor, there are some people who forget the aesthetic altogether. 

Your kitchen is functional, but it’s also a space that you should want to spend time in. Some people consider the kitchen the heart of the home. Don’t make small mistakes that will make it visually unappealing. 

The colors should work together. Doorways should be centered. Your appliances should be matched appropriately in size. 

Your kitchen is one cohesive space, not a workshop intended only for creating food. 

5. Sticking too Hard to a Theme

It’s possible that you’re a person who loves themes. If this is you, ignore this advice. Have your diner or mermaid or farmhouse themed kitchen. It’s yours!

Many people, though, end up going a little overboard on their vision boards and can find themselves over-theming. 

Remember how this room is going to fit into the rest of your house and how it’s going to fit into your future. 

Are you going to want an all driftwood pirate-themed kitchen in 5 years? Maybe! Will it have good resale value? It depends on who’s buying.

Just plan ahead when you’re considering how neutral to take your designs. 

6. Forgetting the Less Obvious Necessities 

When designing your new space, it’s easy to forget some things that the average person takes for granted in their space (anyone who’s ever played a house building simulation game has likely experienced this).

Your kitchen has a few needs. There are basic appliances, like the refrigerator, the stove, and the dishwasher. You need a sink, cabinets, storage for utensils and cookware, and some styles for countertops. You might have some extras like an island or a bar. 

When you’ve filled in these things, you might think that you’re done, but are you? 

What about the ventilation over the stove? What about a place for the garbage can to be kept, or if you’re so lucky, the garbage disposal? 

These are minor things that many people don’t consider, but they’re important to a functional kitchen. A stove without a protected backsplash or ventilation will get messy quickly. A trashcan without a tucked-away space can become a nuisance. 

You’re making your dream kitchen, so make it with those little details in mind. 

Have You Made These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes? 

Renovating your new home is exciting but it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and make some beginner errors. 

Avoid some easy kitchen renovation mistakes by planning ahead and seriously considering the kind of kitchen that you want to work in. Don’t forget the small stuff! 

You want your kitchen to be an awesome livable space for your family and friends. It’s time to make it happen! 

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