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4 Appealing Garage Door Designs to Freshen up Your Home

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The garage on your home takes up about 33% of the visual street-side facade. This means that your garage door makes a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your home, then updating your garage door is a smart idea. 

Check out these modern garage door designs for inspiration for your home. 

1. Glass 

If you have a home with modern architecture, then a glass garage door is the perfect garage door idea. They feature several solid glass panels that are mounted on an aluminum frame. This isn’t like a huge window on your garage, though. 

You can choose from black or bronze finish, or even get it powder coated white, bronze, or black. There are also mirrored options to really give your garage a unique look. 

Whether you decide to have a glass garage door or another design, it’s smart to hire professional garage door installation. This will reduce the risk of damage happening during installation. It will also ensure your new garage door is installed correctly, which will improve functionality and longevity. 

2. Fiberglass Wood 

If your home is a rustic, country, or traditional design, then wood doors will look beautiful on your home. But the problem with wood is that it’s heavy and requires a lot of maintenance. Instead, replace that outdated wood door with a fiberglass one. 

Fiberglass is carefully molded to perfectly mimic wood grain. The result is a door that looks and feels exactly like real wood. But it also has the added benefits of being flexible, strong, and lightweight. 

3. Carriage House

One of the most popular garage trends is to blend traditional design with modern technology. That’s where carriage house doors come in. Their traditional style gives them a familiar charm and beauty. 

Modern versions of these doors are built from steel to give them durability. They’re also insulated to improve the temperature regulation of your garage. This makes them a great option if you plan to turn your garage into a livable space. 

4. Modern Steel 

Traditional steel doors feature a solid design or windows across the top of the door. These are both boring, and thankfully, no longer your only option. Modern steel doors are both durable and fashionable. 

Some doors feature larger, smooth flat panels for a sleek look. Others have windows in a vertical line down one side of the door. Many feature modern colors and finishes to give your garage door a unique look. 

Consider These Garage Door Designs

As you can see, the traditional metal garage door that you’re used to seeing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. These garage door designs are quickly becoming more commonplace in homes across America. 

Choosing one of them for your home’s exterior makeover will help freshen up both your garage and the overall curb appeal of your home. 

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