Using Packaging to Communicate Your Brand Story (Yup, It’s a Strategy)

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As a brand, it’s a good idea to use every opportunity to tell your story. However, product packaging is one area that many companies overlook among available business planning tools.

Most people are pretty excited when they receive something in the mail or buy a new item in a store. Somehow, your product is going to make their life better. However, you can make a great product experience awesome—with the right brand story.

If you sell retail goods, it makes sense to invest in packaging design. Impactful graphics and presentations can help your enterprise thrive.

Packaging can inspire consumers to buy. More importantly, however, it can make them feel good after buying your product.

To learn how to use packaging to communicate your brand story, read on.

Your Packaging Matters

Even if you’re a new business, creativity and careful packaging can go a long way to making a great first impression. Branded packaging can help you acquire loyal advocates.

Think about the last time you purchased something wrapped in tissue paper with a “handwritten” note. Did it make you feel special?

With creativity and planning, you can re-create the same experience for your customers. As your business grows, however, you’ll need to invest in branded packaging.

Today, the cost of custom labeling and printing is growing more accessible. Now, even the smallest startups can create unique packaging for their goods.

The goal of branded packaging is to tell your story. However, you also want to create a post-purchase thrill. You can achieve this goal, whether you sell your goods online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

When it comes to online sales, your packaging is often the only engagement you will have of customers. It’s your chance to make a stellar impression. In a sense, it’s a substitute for skillful in-person sales practices.

In the purest sense, packaging protects your product or goods. However, you must also figure out how to use it to create a strong emotional tie that customers will associate with your product.

Smart Brand Packaging

Effective communication of your brand message and company ethics has always been important when it comes to marketing tools for small businesses. Today, most small companies know how to develop an authentic voice.

These companies develop powerful stories that portray their ethical standards. However, some entrepreneurs fail to use these kinds of business communication tools with their packaging.

Think of the moment that customers set eyes on your product as another touchpoint. You can use your product packaging to reinforce positive traits.

For example, you can portray luxury by using heavy materials, glossy coatings or metallic foil. These small touches can reassure your customers that they’ve made a worthy purchase.

Meanwhile, bright colors and patterns can help you stand out from the competition. Alternatively, you might make use of natural and efficient packaging that minimizes waste. By doing so, you can show that you support the environment.

It’s also important, however, to ensure that your package arrives in good condition. Accordingly, you must work with shipping companies to ensure that your beautiful packaging doesn’t get damaged along the way.

You can also create a positive customer experience with your actions. For example, finding a cost-effective shipping method shows customers that you care about their needs.

Likewise, you may want to offer a generous return policy, depending on your product. This kind of approach reduces a customer’s risk when trying your product. More importantly, however, your return policy can turn a new customer into a loyal one.

Tell Your Brand Story With Domed Labels

One of the best marketing tools for small business is custom domed labels. Domed labels can help you create a lasting, positive impression on your customers. Furthermore, you can reduce the cost of package branding by buying the labels in bulk.

Custom labels provide a remarkable return on investment. You can use them for nearly anything—from your product labeling to shipping packaging. However, domed labels work especially well on a few select products.

For example, you can use domed circle labels on branded beverage bottles. This kind of label is also ideal for giveaways at promotional booths.

You can also purchase a variety of labeling shapes. For instance, you can also choose rectangular or circular labels.

Ordering your labels is relatively straightforward. To begin, you’d navigate to a label printer’s website and select your product. Next, you’d upload your image.

Now, the website will provide you with a document called a proof. The proof is a PDF file that shows how your labels will appear. Once you approve the proof, you can place your order.

What to Look for in a Domed Label

Your label will tell the story of your brand. Accordingly, it’s vital to choose a quality label.

Look for a label that is durable and waterproof. For example, vinyl is an excellent material for branded labels. The printer will custom cut the label for your needs.

Also, look for a printer that uses a protective label coating, such as polyurethane. This coating will ensure that your label doesn’t turn yellow for years. In effect, it will continue delivering your brand message in style long after it’s paid for itself.

However, there’s another benefit to a polyurethane coating. It creates a depth that provides a 3D appearance. This feature will help your brand stand out from your competitors.

Branding Opportunities Everywhere!

Using packaging to tell your brand story is vitally important. However, what you put inside your shipping boxes matters as well. In other words, you can put more than your product in the box.

There are many business tools available. However, companies often overlook the opportunity to create branding on the inside of their shipping containers.

For example, you can use the inside of shipping containers for brand messages, return instructions, or social media cues to take advantage of this untapped real estate. You can also use the inside of your packaging for advertising competitions.

The inside of your packaging is an opportunity to deliver messages that will help your brand to grow. With creativity, you can leverage the opportunities that many companies overlook to help your brand thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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