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An Expert Bettor’s Guide to In Game Betting

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With the rise of mobile applications and internet gambling, placing a bet has become more exciting than ever. You no longer have to place money before a game, but can bet on your favorite race or sporting event in real-time, as the action unfolds. 

This is called “in game betting.” It allows you to view odds in real-time, during an event and place money on the outcome. We give you our tips and hints for making sure you win.

What is In Game Betting?

In-game betting is a live betting method, whereby you can place bets on games that are currently in progress. Odds will often change in real-time, making it a very exciting and dynamic form of gambling. 

In game betting is often done from a mobile app. This is because it allows gamblers to view the action on a television screen while scanning for odds and placing funds using their mobile. 

Find Bets In Advance

In game bets are constantly changing, and they will come at you fast. It can be daunting to work out bets at this pace, so it may help to look at possible opportunities in advance. 

Of course, you will find it hard to work out odds before a game as you will not be sure what the fixture will through up. However, you can assess the type of bets that will be offered.

You may even be able to find offers and free bets in advance. Try this Bet365 bonus code for a starting point. 

Choose Your Device Wisely

The device and interface you make your live, in game betting on will make a huge difference. It could mean great wins or terrible losses. Firstly, if betting on a phone or laptop make sure it is up to date with a fast internet connection.

Secondly, make sure that the app or website has a clear, quick method with which to place in game bets. If you find yourself putting on a bet, only to go through three confirmation screens, the odds may have changed or you may have lost the bet by the time it is placed.

For this reason, it is advisable to also have a quick connection. Slow webpages and loading times can greatly impact your betting. 

Hedge Your Bets

In game betting is just as much about not losing as it is winning. Due to the fast, frantic pace of the medium, it is always advisable to look for opportunities to hedge your bets. 

This can usually be done by betting on the other side of a game. For example, if your bet was on the blue team to win and you were going to make a 15-pound profit, check the odds for reds to win during the game. If you can place a small bet that will see you gain your stakes back, then the bet is hedged. 

This is a very safe live in game betting strategy, as it ensures you are not losing money. If your hedged bet comes out with huge odds, you may even make a sizable profit. 

Placing Bets

Start by trying out some different applications. Use a small amount when betting, to get the feel of the interface and the bets on offer. Once you have a platform you like, start winning!

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