Stock Photos For Your Blog Photos

Using Stock Photos For Your Blog Photos: How to Go About It

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Did you know two studies found that around 3 billion images are shared every day on the internet? 

It’s almost impossible to use the internet and not see at least a couple of images crop up. Stock photos, especially, have become an important addition to blog content.

But why is it so crucial that bloggers use stock photos? And how do you use best add them to your posts?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn how to utilize stock images when writing an article!

Use Stock Photos for Better Reader Experience

Stock photos can be effectively used to better format your blog posts. After all, no one enjoys reading a large chunk of text. Break up paragraphs and subsections by using topically appropriate photos.

They also keep the reader engaged. If a reader is only reading your blog post for a specific piece of information, they can often use a photo as a landmark of sorts.

Take recipes for example. You’ll know exactly which step of the recipe the author is talking about based on the corresponding photos. The same can be done with virtually any subject topic.

Find the Perfect Stock Images

For newbie bloggers, finding the perfect stock images can be tricky. Many new bloggers aren’t aware that you can’t just pluck a photo off Google Images and slap it on a blog post.

Copyright laws ensure that photographers and their work are protected. However, stock photo websites often work with photographers to ensure their work is protected under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons licenses vary, so be mindful of how much creative freedom the photographer is dishing out. For example, some photographers allow their stock photos to be used without credit, while others permit free use but only if they are credited for it.

So, where exactly can you find all these stock images? Well, most stock photo websites offer both free stock images and priced content. There is plenty of great free content out there, so many bloggers don’t have to shuck out even a cent for high-quality photos.

Build Your Brand

Did you know that you can use stock photos to score some SEO points? If you rename the downloaded photo file with your keywords, your image will be more SEO-friendly. Plus, if you’re using a publisher like WordPress, you can even use the alt text feature for images to incorporate your keywords too.

In order to further build your brand, consider using a mix of both your own photos and stock photos. This is especially important for personal blogs, travel blogs, and food blogs. Your readers will appreciate the high-quality stock images, but they’ll also want to see your personal flair show up now and then.

Lastly, before you decide on a particular stock photo, reverse image search it on the web. If it’s been overused beyond belief, hunt for another perfect image. Originality, even with regards to your photo choices, will help you avoid getting lost in a sea of similar blogs.

Use Stock Photos to Tell Your Story

In a world driven by imagery and aesthetics, it’s impossible to draw attention to your blog without using images. Luckily, stock photos give you the opportunity to easily build beautiful blog posts and get your story out there. The guide above will help you as you start sourcing your own stock photos!

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