Computer Desktop Organization Tips

5 Computer Desktop Organization Tips to Get Your Files in Order

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If you worked in an office prior to COVID-19, there’s a good chance you’re working remotely right now. Even if you didn’t work in an office, there’s still a good chance that you spend more time than ever before on your computer. 

It’s easy to let your computer’s desktop get a little out of hand. It happens to the best of us. 

However, your computer desktop organization may be impacting your productivity in ways you don’t realize. Cleaning up your desktop could seriously improve your work habits.

Keep reading, and we’ll give you 5 organization tips to help you declutter your computer.

Why Does Computer Desktop Organization Matter?

Your personal computer may become more important to you than ever. With uncertainty about the pandemic on the rise, remote work is likely to remain the norm for many Americans. 

In fact, 97% of American office workers want to continue working remotely, at least part-time.

Your computer is like a miniature work space. It’s hard to focus in a cluttered room, and it’s hard to focus on the contents of a cluttered desktop.

When you clean out your computer, it will be easier for you to focus on your work without feeling overwhelmed. 

1. Clean Up Your Computer Files

The first thing you should do is get rid of unnecessary files. Go through everything on your desktop and move anything you don’t need to the trash.

You should also get rid of any duplicate PDF, audio, or video files.

Once all the excess is in the trash, empty your trash can.

2. Clean Up Your Taskbar

You should also make sure your taskbar is pared down to just the essentials. You may have old software downloaded that you don’t use anymore. 

Even if you don’t want to delete any software, you can still hide unnecessary icons from your taskbar. This will make your entire screen easier to look at.

3. Make New Folders

Folders are the key to keeping your desktop organized. In order to get better at putting your files away, you need to create a proper place to put them. 

Organizing your desktop is like cleaning your room. If you don’t have a dresser or closet to put your clothes in, they will keep ending up on the floor. 

4. Nest Folders Inside Each Other

To keep your desktop clean, you can create folders inside other folders. For example, if you have a folder where all of your PDFs go, you can create more folders inside it to designate work PDFs from personal PDFs. 

If you have a folder for photos, you can create separate folders inside it that act as digital photo albums.

5. Make a “Miscellaneous” Folder

Some things on your desktop have no obvious home, and that’s okay! You should still get them out of your way. 

You can create a “Misc.” folder and use it to store random odds and ends. Think of it as a junk drawer for your laptop.

Organize Your Desktop Today

Use these computer desktop organization tips to clean up your laptop. It might be a time consuming task, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Boost your productivity by working in a pleasant environment; both digitally and in real life.

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