7 Traits of a Self-Actualized Person

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Studies have shown that mental awareness and self-actualization impact education and job satisfaction. The desire for transforming one’s life is common in everyone.

Self-actualization is a fulfillment of your talents and full potentialities. It is the highest stage in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, emphasizing a need to fulfill the highest needs in life, especially those that allude to the philosophy of life.

A self-actualized person has an interesting take on life. 

7 Interesting Traits of a Self-Actualized Person

Although everyone strives to enter into excellence, a self-actualized person is one who takes pleasure in the fulfillment of life. Self-actualization is an important stage in life.

It is one of the important ways of self-improvement ways presented in universal creative solutions

Here are 7 traits that they portray.

A Self-Actualized Person Enjoys the Journey As Well As Destination

The journey towards success is often full of challenges. At times, you may be inclined to quit when things get challenging. A self-actualized person looks at life from the bigger picture and appreciates the journey.

They are autonomous and independent and are non-conformant to other people’s sources and definitions of happiness.

They Enjoy the Way Life Shapes Them Before Getting to the Destination

As you strive towards your destinations, without the journey, getting it is impossible. A self-actualized person finds pleasure in the efforts they invest to accomplish their goals. So, apart from concentrating on accomplishing the goal and living the dream, they invest in the process.

The mistakes they make today help them know how to build improved structures in the future. They relish the learning curve that comes with any mistakes made along the way.

Have a Philosophical Sense of Humor

Individuals who are self-actualized have a thoughtful sense of humor. When things are getting tough, these individuals are able to ridicule and laugh at themselves. This helps them ease the situation as well as get another angle towards achieving the goal.

Yet, while in the midst of others, they are keen to ensure their jokes don’t hurt other people feelings. So, if the situation they are in involves others, apart from creating humor from it, they work towards assisting them out.

Additionally, by enjoying and laughing through every situation, they acquire a self-drive that keeps them focused. When things get rough, their sense of humor helps them realize that it’s just part of the process.

They Accept Themselves Regardless of Their Flaws

Self-love is a common trait for everyone. But, loving your shortcomings is a trait that most don’t people have. For many people, the process of self-improvement begins with self-loath.

However, for a self-actualized person, it is a part of the process of seeking their happiness and fulfillment of their potential.

For instance, if you are working towards losing some pounds, it gets easy to hate your current position. Yet, self-actualized people accept who they are with all their flaws. This gives them an assurance that their efforts will be successful.

Additionally, through the recognition of their flaws, they don’t feel pressured by outward forces. When you understand your shortcomings and use them to your advantage, other people cannot use the negative energy to pull you down.

Self-actualized individuals capitalize on their flaws by making them the driving force. So, apart from hating their current weight, they use it as a motivation towards attaining their desired size.

They Are Realistic

In life, there are times when things don’t happen as planned for. This results in creating a sense of panic and fear that drives them off the hook. People with a self-actualization spirit have a sense of realism, which guarantees that they are able to view life as it is.

Instead of being worried about what unfolds rationally or logically, they see things for what they are. They also focus on improving rather than panicking.

Additionally, their sense of realism guarantees that all events are opportunities to become better. Even though things do not seem good at the time.

Being realistic also allows the person to divide their dreams into subsections that they can do. This also makes it easy to achieve a great dream without having to work on it as a whole unit once.

They Have a Purpose

A self-actualized person does not waver around with the wind. He/she lives their life to accomplish a purpose and nothing gets them off balance.

What makes them different is that the purpose they have is not what they choose but rather feel. This purpose is an obligation or responsibility that develops from within them to ensure they become who they are.

Also, all their hard work towards achieving their purpose in life is not based on their personal gain. Thus, as duty drives them to fulfill their purpose in life, they also ensure that it works for general good to mankind.

Focus On the Bigger Picture

Self-actualized people do not concentrate on the smaller things around but see the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on the trees around, individual with self-actualization, see the forest over the trees.
Instead of taking pleasure in petty things around them, they strive towards achieving greatness.

This is to say, instead of investing in a moment, their purpose drives them in attaining a century-long goal.

Thus, individuals with a self-drive don’t take pleasure in small accomplishments. Additionally, they don’t concern themselves with what is at hand but rather focus on achieving a higher mark.

Their focus on the bigger picture also guarantees that they are able to make life better for them and those around them.

Becoming a Self-Actualized Person Is a Process That Happens with Every Step on a Daily Basis

It is having a spirit that does not limit you for who you are but motivates you for who you can be. So, it drives a person to enter into their destination without challenge limitations.

With the above traits, nothing can hold you back from becoming the person you desire in life regardless of life hardships and blows. Although everyone has the desire to be successful, knowing how to build a positive drive is not easy.

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