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How to Make Your Own Grow Box

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You’ve always dreamed of growing your own cannabis supply. Nothing is better than reaping the benefits of your hard work with a nice smoke session of your own weed.

But, growing successful plants comes with hard work and some risk. You want to make sure you know what you are doing before you invest your time and money in a grow box.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you learn the basics of growing your own cannabis plants.

Read on to find out how to get your space set up for optimal and fun growing.

Types of Grow Spaces

The biggest decision you will make for growing weed indoors is choosing an appropriate space. You will need enough room for your plants to thrive, ample lighting, access to water, and proper circulation.

Some options are easier than others, but your decision all depends on how much you plan to grow and what type of home you live in. If you don’t live near a dispensary, you may decide to grow as much as your home and legal limits allow.

If you live in an apartment, a grow tent will provide a secure space to keep light and smell contained. In a house, you have more options to create a custom cabinet or even a larger room for your plants.

Regardless of the space, every growing operation needs the same basic set up.


The more light your plants get, the more they will grow. That means more weed for you.

Natural light is best for your crop, but you also want to create a controlled cycle of light. Inconsistent light can cause stress on your plants, so you want to seal off any other light from your grow cabinet.

Different types of lights can be used for various stages of your grow and can yield various results. For small spaces, LED lights work well as they don’t overheat and can be used for the entire grow cycle.

You will also want to change the distance of your lights and the ratio of light/dark periods has your plants mature. Having a grow space that makes adjustable lighting easier will benefit your plants.

Air Circulation

Every grow tent setup needs to have proper ventilation because your plants eat CO2 like crazy. They will need new air to replenish themselves.

You also want a fan to remove any heat accumulated from the room and control the humidity level.

There should be two fans in your DIY grow tent: one to remove air and one to bring in fresh air. The extraction fan should include a filter to remove the smell before entering common space. That way your hobby is kept secret.

Soil and Watering

Besides light and air, the only other things your growbox needs are high-quality organic soil and a water irrigation system.

Watering on a consistent system is just as important as your light cycle. You also want the water to drain well so using fabric pots that are elevated off the ground will help.

Get Building Your Grow Box

Now that you know what you need to include in your grow box its time to start putting it all together. You can purchase a pre-made cabinet or tent online or get some plastic, tape, and maybe some wood panels to create a custom space.

If you are looking for more hobbies to start at home, visit the DIY section of our blog.

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