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7 Side Jobs That’ll Turn Your Spare Time Into a Cash Machine

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Chances are you’re not a part of the 1%. But who says you can’t get your side hustle on and start earning extra cash? There are many side jobs that you can use to line your wallet.

Keep reading to learn about 5 good side jobs that pay well.

1. Online Teaching

Online teaching is a side job from home that can earn you a nice chunk of change. Because of China’s huge population, the demand for online English teachers is always high. There are many companies out there, so be sure to do your research.

VIPKid is the most popular but you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in any field to apply. Depending on your location, the hours for teaching can either be brutal or not that bad, but generally, you’ll be teaching kids early in the morning.

2. Dogsitting and Dog walking

If you’re a dog lover then look no further than this awesome side job. Dogsitting is one of the best side jobs to make money because you get to pet a variety of dogs without being permanently responsible for them.

You can either go to people’s houses to walk their dogs for them or you can have them stay at your place for a given period of time. If you want to earn even more money then you can do both.

3. Delivery Driver

There are many apps you can apply to if you have a reliable set of wheels and want to try your hand at being a delivery driver. UPS, Amazon, and other companies are often looking for part-time workers.

Whether its groceries or packages, there is always someone willing to pay you and tip you to deliver it quickly. Be sure to drive extra carefully, though, because even a minor accident could eat into your earnings.

4. Graphic Designer

If you’re artistic and computer savvy then you can make big bucks being a freelance graphic designer. There are many websites where you can put your services on offer or you can hunt around for people who are looking for your talents.

Either way, what’s better than doodling and tinkering while in your pajamas? You might even have trouble keeping track of the large flow of money so you should visit in order to make your own paystubs and keep accurate records of your income.

5. Customer Service Representative

Being a customer service representative is the perfect side job if you’re a people person. You can either work from the comfort of your own home or work at a physical location.

You might have to deal with a difficult person here or there, but overall it’s easy money.

Ready to Start Earning Extra Cash with a Side Job?

Start polishing up that resume and cover letter. With any of these 5 side jobs, you can start saving up for that new car or that trip to Japan, all from the comfort of your home.

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