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7 Ways Business Brochures Will Give Your Company an Edge

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Businesses everywhere are trying daily to find a way to expand their brand and gain an edge on their competition.

Many companies look at the trendy ways of marketing and advertising their products such as pushing it on social media, paid online ads, etc.

While those new ways of marketing certainly play a role in a successful marketing campaign, there’s something to be said for “old-fashioned” ways as well.

These ways of marketing, such as business brochures have something the online trends don’t have: decades of a proven track record.

Here are several different ways that a business brochure can help your company in its sales and marketing endeavors.

1. Easy to Give Out

One of the biggest benefits of brochures is the number of places that you’ll be able to give them out at.

You’ll be able to hand them out at things such as sales events, nonprofit events, and seminars.

They’re also great for placing in the lobby areas of businesses that you feel are in a similar industry to you. Or maybe their product has a connection to the products or services your company offers.

For instance, if your company buys worn-down cars then you could have a business brochure made and find local auto shops to place them at.

They’re also great to hand out in little baggies with cool promo items such as pens, cups, t-shirts, etc. The options are virtually limitless.

2. Bang for Your Buck

Whether you’re a small business or a company with several years of growth under its belt, you only have so much money in the budget for marketing.

After the expenses that come with online marketing, it’s tough to find other advertising avenues with the remaining cash you have.

That’s where businesses can help your marketing endeavors become more well-rounded at an affordable price. Find a printing service that will help you print brochures for far less than your local printer would.

You’ll be able to create a brochure design that fits the budget you have and buy it in bulk to have on-hand for any upcoming event.

3. Stay at the Front of Your Customers’ Minds

As previously mentioned, online marketing tactics such as social media ads certainly have their place in growing your brand.

However, that ad is in front of their eyes for no longer than 5 seconds before they scroll past it.

Because of that, you can only hope your ad left an impression that will make them think of it later. The harsh reality is… it probably didn’t. It’s going to take that ad popping up numerous times to leave ana impression.

Meanwhile, business brochures are a physical advertisement your customers will keep with them. Every piece of information they could possibly want is in your brochure. 

All that information plays a valuable role in leaving an impression and staying at the front of the customer’s mind.

4. They Show Integrity

There are very few ways of marketing that are better for outlining the brand of your company than brochures.

They give you the opportunity of literally listing out all the core values and goals that your business prides itself on. Clients love seeing that and will opt for your business because of it.

Being transparent with your customers will help your potential buyers start to build trust with your brand.

You also get the chance to describe your company’s level of experience and what differentiates you from products they may have had struggles with previously.

It also gives them a sense of the high level of service they can expect when buying a product or service from you. Now you just have to deliver on their expectations.

5. They Hold Your Ideal Amount of Description

How many times do you get the opportunity of spelling out your business in full detail? 

Odds are, in today’s market with a short attention span, not many. However, a brochure lets you list out as much or as little detail as you want on your company.

Customers that you hand them to can read this information at their own pace. You’ll finally be able to list all your services and have your clients fully process the information.

Digital ads only allow you so much time and room to describe your company and/or product. 

Business brochures give you the chance to spell out things like goals, products, company history, and services.

6. They Exude Professionalism

As a growing company, you’re constantly looking for ways to show your clients that you’re an industry leader.

Business brochures give your brand a business savvy vibe that you can’t find on any other piece of marketing material.

When you hand a fully-detailed brochure to someone, they’ll know your company means business (no pun intended).

They’re far more likely to take you seriously at sales events after handing brochures to them. Hand them a brochure and walk them through a few things to build better relationships with prospects.

7. Opportunities for Higher Conversion Rates

Looking for ways to close the gap on your sales conversion rates? Few things offer more potential for that than discount codes.

You’ll be able to capitalize on that by offering discount codes on your products within the business brochure you create.

Your customers will take the offer more often than not and act on them quickly. It opens the doors for more sales and establishes a loyal consumer base for years to come!

Get Your Business Brochures Started Today!

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits business brochures can offer your company, it’s time to find the right fit for your marketing adventures.

Start your search for brochures that offer the budget-friendliness and printing quality that you’re looking for.

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