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10 Ingenious Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

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Are you a DIY guru?

Whether you’re into chemical-free cleaning products or you want to grow your own herb garden, there’s no shortage of DIY inspiration.

Today, we’re giving you one more.

Like most households, you probably have a brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide under your sink. Rather than let it sit there and collect dust, put it to use!

Here are 10 creative ways to use hydrogen peroxide spray in your home.

1. Disinfect Wounds

This is probably the most common use of peroxide spray. Because of its mild antiseptic properties, peroxide is great at preventing infections in the skin.

When applied to a wound, bite, or burn, peroxide releases a burst of oxygen. This causes a foam to appear, which works to clean the area and remove any dead skin.

Apply peroxide spray up to three times daily to help heal minor wounds and burns.

2. Heal an Ear Infection

Before you place your child on another round of antibiotics, try using peroxide to clear up an ear infection.

A few drops of hydrogen peroxide (diluted in water) should clear up an ear infection quickly. As the liquid trickles through the mucus buildup in the ear canal, it will kill the infection.

Start by placing 6-8 drops in the ear, while the other ear rests on a pillow. After five minutes or so, turn the head onto an old towel to allow the excess liquid to drain out.

This is also a great way to remove earwax and prevent swimmer’s ear.

3. Easy Oral Care

Peroxide’s uses aren’t limited to your skin.

Try using it these ways in your oral care routine:

  • Swish it as an oral rinse for better breath
  • Mix it with baking soda and use it as toothpaste
  • Disinfect your toothbrushes by soaking them in peroxide

Another bonus? Because peroxide is a natural whitener, your teeth will appear whiter over time.

4. Clean Fruits and Veggies

If you want a safe and effective way to wash your produce, reach for a bottle of peroxide spray.

Spray your fruits and veggies with hydrogen peroxide. Let them soak for a minute or two and then rinse them in clean water to remove dirt and other contaminants.

Peroxide spray is also great for removing those annoying stickers (and the residue they leave) from your produce. Use it to disinfect your cutting boards after each use too.

5. Bleach Alternative

Do you have stains on light-colored clothing or carpets? Avoid the harshness of bleach by using peroxide spray instead.

Spray the peroxide directly onto the stained surface. Alternately, you could make a paste from peroxide and a little dish soap or baking soda. Smear it on armpit stains, grass stains, blood, dirt, and wine.

If you’re using it to remove carpet stains, test the spray in an inconspicuous area first. It’s generally safe to use on lighter-colored rugs, but better safe than sorry.

For the freshest laundry, add a cup of peroxide when you wash your whites and towels.

6. Clean and Brighten Grout

Are you tired of scrubbing grout with harsh chemical cleaners?

Get better (and safer) results by using peroxide instead. Apply peroxide spray directly onto the grout lines and let it sit for an hour. Wipe it off with an old, damp rag when you’re done.

For seriously stained grout, try a peroxide paste. Mix peroxide with white flour to create a thick, goopy paste. Apply it to the grout lines, cover it with plastic wrap, and leave it to soak overnight.

In the morning, rinse the paste away with water and enjoy your whiter, brighter grout.

7. Improve Your Skin

Hydrogen peroxide is great for preventing skin infections, but that’s not all it can do.

If you have boils or acne, add eight ounces of peroxide to warm water and soak those skin conditions away. You can also use this solution as a facial rinse to help clear up acne.

Are your feet covered in corns or calluses? Make a peroxide foot bath and soak your feet until those rough areas are smooth again.

What if you have mites, parasites, or toenail fungus? Peroxide can help with that too. Simply soak the affected areas for natural and effective relief.

8. Help Your Garden Grow

Do you have a green thumb?

Help your garden thrive by soaking your seeds for a few minutes in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. This will prevent fungal growth and help them germinate more quickly because of the increased oxygen content.

Do you have unsightly weeds invading your garden? Select a higher concentration of peroxide (10-12%) and spray down those cracks in your sidewalk or driveway.

9. Disinfect Your Kitchen

You can use peroxide spray to disinfect almost every surface of your kitchen.

This includes:

  • Countertops
  • Refrigerator
  • Cutting boards
  • Windows
  • Stovetops
  • Mirrors
  • Glass surfaces
  • Lunchboxes
  • Reusable shopping bags

Your kitchen will sparkle and shine without the harsh chemical smell of ammonia.

10. Lighten Your Hair

Want those sun-kissed streaks all year long? Your hair can maintain that golden sheen, even in the dead of winter.

All you need is a few spritzes of hydrogen peroxide spray. Because it acts as a natural bleach, it will work to gradually lighten your hair.

Spray peroxide in your hair and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with shampoo and water and style as usual.

You won’t see dramatic results, but rather a subtle and natural-looking lightness.

Final Thoughts on Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

These are just a few of the many ways you can use peroxide spray in and around your home.

So dig out that dusty bottle from beneath the sink and put it to use. Whether it’s for your home, garden, or yourself, you’ll be amazed what a little hydrogen peroxide can do for you.

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