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10 Effective Strategies to Find Online Jobs That Pay Well

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Over 18 million people did work online last year. The Internet and mobile technologies have opened up an entirely new economy.

Many of these were part time jobs. But, there are also opportunities for full time jobs online. The problem is that many job seekers don’t understand how to land high paying online jobs in their industry.

But you will after reading this article. Let’s take a look!

1. Start with Personal Branding

You should have a personal brand whether you’re working online or in an office. A personal brand determines how people see you. And the highest paid online jobs go to those who have a strong one.

92 percent of online recruiters use social media to learn about you before making a job offer.

You have only seven seconds to make a good first impression. An employer’s impression of you will be what they see online.

Google yourself to see what comes up. If negative stuff is on the first pages, you have some work to do to get high paying online jobs.

See if you can get it removed. Or work to get more positive things above it in searches.

Clean up social media profiles and posts. Show yourself in the best light. Delete any odd pictures and unnecessary information.

2. Leverage Linkedin

Depending on your skills, you may choose a different platform to focus on. For example, if you’re a graphic artist or photographer, then Instagram may be a good choice.

For most people, Linkedin will be their personal brand home base. If you don’t have a Linkedin Profile, set it up immediately. Regardless, of what you do, Linkedin is your professional side.

Include a professional picture. It should not be cut out of a bigger picture or a selfie.

Next, list your experience, background, education, and skills. Fill the profile out completely.

Don’t be afraid to say that you’re seeking new opportunities.

3. Set Your Personal Profiles to Private

If your social media posts are filled with drunken parties, opinionated rants, or questionable behavior, keep them private.

You can do that in settings.

If your social profiles are pretty clean, leaving them public may be more to your advantage.

4. Take Inventory of Your Skills

There are a lot of online jobs that pay well. You’re most likely to land them if you have some marketable skills like:

  • Web design
  • Voiceover
  • Translation
  • Illustrating children’s books
  • Transcribing audio
  • Tutoring
  • Copywriting
  • Journalistic writing

This may or may not be something that you’ve done professionally before. But if you’re good at it and it’s in demand, it’s fair game in the online marketplace. Just make sure you can demonstrate your proficiency upon request.

5. Build a Portfolio

When someone is checking you out, it helps to be ready with an online portfolio of work you’ve done. Make this portfolio available on Linkedin, your website, and anywhere else that makes sense.

When connecting with potential employers, send the link as part of your pitch.

6. Start an Industry Blog

This is assuming, you have some decent writing skills. Most people who land the high paying online jobs do.

Vlogging can work well too.

Start building your personal brand by sharing what you know about the industry. If you want to go all in, then get your own domain name and set up a website that showcases your work.

7. Keep Your Resume Updated

When you start out working online, you may take small jobs as you build your brand to land higher paying gigs.

Be sure to keep the resume updated as you learn new things and master new skills.

8. Hop into the Employer’s Shoes

Pretend that you’re an employer looking for someone that does what you do. They probably hear people like you all day long talking about how amazing their skills are.

How do they know that you’re the real deal?

What would this person be looking for in a candidate? Are you lacking any related skills that would make you more marketable? How can you demonstrate that you’re a professional and know what you’re doing?

Can you get former employers or co-workers to endorse your skills on Linkedin?

If you find your profile lacking, browse through reputable, and hopefully free, online certification programs that would look great on your resume and help you grow professionally.

Complete the courses to boost the “proof” that you know your stuff.

9. Stay Focused on the Job Hunt

Set up accounts on many job sites. Only apply for jobs that closely align with your skills. If an employer is vague, don’t waste your time applying.

Some people are tempted to branch out, especially if they don’t land a high-paying job fast.

They stay on one site. If it doesn’t work, they quit or take just about any project.

That’s not how to land high-paying online jobs.

The problem with this is that you’ll spend more time applying than getting paid. Your job becomes looking for work.

Being on many sites means that you can quickly browse each one for the most relevant jobs. If there’s nothing there, you just move to the next site.

10. Learn as You Go

As you get on more job sites and stay hyper-focused, you’ll learn some things that make your hunt more efficiently.

For example, you’ll start building a list of keyword phrases that return the best results.

Start building a little database of these phrases. This way, you’ll spend less and a less time on each site as you get more and more high paying gigs.

You may learn to ignore certain types of listings. Or you may start seeing duplicates. Make note of it.

Apply for High-Paying Online Jobs

High-paying online jobs exist. But without applying effective strategies, it’s hard to land them. These tips will help you get that perfect job faster.

For more actionable strategies to improve your life, follow our blog.

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