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The Best Places to Live in Australia for Jobs, Family or Fun

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Are you thinking about moving to Australia? Or perhaps you’re an Aussie looking to move into a new city. Well, deciding where to move can be harder than you think.

Australia is a very diverse country with over 10,000 cities to choose from. So, how do you decide where the best places to live in Australia are?

Well, first we suggest considering what your main goal is in moving – do you want to move for work, your family, or to have more fun? Deciding this first will help you narrow down your search results, so you can focus on the top cities in Australia for yourself.

The good news is, we’ve already done the grunt work for you! Keep reading to discover the best places to live in Australia for jobs, family, or fun.

For Jobs

If you want to move for work, the most important factors to consider will be the unemployment rate, career fields available, and work-life balance.


The Australian Capital Territory, where Canberra is located, has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Australia. 2016 studies show that the national unemployment rate was 6.9% but just 4.3% in the Australian Capital Territory.

So, what makes Canberra better than the other cities in the Australian Capital Territory?

Well, Canberra is the capital of Australia. While it might be a small city, it’s home to parliament, opening the door to many government-related jobs.

If you’re not interested in working for the government, you’ll be pleased to know that over half of Canberra’s residents work in the private sector. Additionally, Canberra is starting to grow their culture hub, opening the possibility of more cultural and arts-related jobs.

The best part is that Canberra boasts Australia’s highest income rates on average, making this one of the best cities in Australia for work.

So, if you’re looking for the highest pay, the lowest unemployment rate and jobs in the government or private sector, Canberra might be your best bet.


If working in the government or private sector isn’t your cup of tea, then Darwin might be the better option.

Not only is Darwin currently undergoing economic growth, but it’s also located in the Northern Territory, which has the second lowest unemployment rate at just 4.5%.

The range of jobs offered in Darwin is much larger than in Canberra. Construction, accommodation and food services, retail, healthcare, and public administration are all major industries in Darwin.

Darwin also boats a laid-back environment and beautiful scenery to help you keep a good work-life balance.

For Family

When moving for family, you’ll want to take the quality of school districts, safety, and the amount of family-friendly activities into consideration.


Located in Queensland, MacKay is home to some of the best school districts in Australia. Education and creativity are promoted throughout the city.

MacKay hosts several festivals, such as the River Sessions Festival and the Festival of the Arts. These are family friendly and a great way to have fun with your kids.

Additionally, MacKay’s close proximity to the water makes family day-trips to the beach possible. Part of the Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast, giving parents an amazing opportunity to educate their children on coral reefs and marine life.

But Mackay has even more to offer than that. The islands of St. Bees are located close to the shore. They contain rainforests and Koloa bears, so there is no shortage of family-friendly activities in and around MacKay.

Of Course, no move would be complete without the perfect family home.

Wagga Wagga

If you’re craving a small-town atmosphere then Wagga Wagga should be one of the top cities in Australia for you.

The city has a surprising population of 55,000 people. However, its large portion of beautiful undeveloped land helps it maintain the quaint small-town feel. The city also hosts many outdoor activities, such as camping and swimming, as well as rugby games.

Wagga Wagga truly offers the best of both worlds. Children and job-seekers have ample opportunities like they would in a big city, but residents get to enjoy the quaint, safe atmosphere of a small town.

For Fun

Cultural activities, festivals, nightlife, and access to airports are all things that can play a big role in finding the right city to move to for fun.


Melbourne is Victoria’s most populated city and offers a variety of activities, especially for those interested in arts and culture.

The East End Theater District, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Australian Center for Contemporary Art are all located in Melbourne, offering several entertainment options.

The festivals are especially popular in Melbourne. The Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, and the Melbourne Fringe Festival are just a few of the festivals Melbourne hosts.

Additionally, Melbourne has an active nightlife with plenty of bars. The city has been growing over the past few years allowing for more urban and economic growth.


Of course, no list would be complete without Sydney. Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia with an astonishing population of almost 5 million residents.

With all those people, you know there must be tons of entertainment options available. The Sydney Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Queen Victoria Building, the Australian Museum, and the Blue Mountains are just some of the wonderful things to do in Sydney.

Sydney also has the busiest airport, making travel to other Australian cities and neighboring countries a breeze. Packing light will be your best friend here to make traveling even easier.

The Best Places to Live in Australia

Australia is a large and diverse country, so deciding the best places to live in Australia can be quite a hassle for native Australians and foreigners alike.

Canberra and Darwin offer low unemployment rates and careers in a variety of fields making them the best cities for jobs.

For those looking to move for their family, MacKay and Wagga Wagga boast good education systems and tons of family-friendly activities.

Lastly, anyone looking to move for fun might enjoy Melbourne or Sydney for their extensive list of festivals and cultural activities.

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