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The 8 Best Places to Find Scrap Metal

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Scrap metal is a lucrative industry. In fact, the U.S. scrap-based recycling industry is valued at $106 billion. Each year, 67 million metric tons of iron and steel are processed.

This is an industry that anyone can get into. Do you want to make some extra money and get started?

If so, you are probably wondering where to find scrap metal. Read on to discover the 8 best places to find scrap metal.

1) Hospitals

Hospitals are a great place to find discarded scrap metal. The reason is that hospitals tend to discard old appliances and medical equipment rather frequently.

Medical devices typically have valuable electronic systems embedded within. Make sure to crack open any discarded equipment and look for insulated copper wire. All you need is a pair of nose pliers or scissors to remove copper from the hospital’s trash.

2) Foreclosed Homes or Short Sales

When the bank takes ownership of a home, there is often a purge of the former owner’s junk. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Keep a close eye on homes that are on the brink. Inoperable appliances and old electronics are treasure troves for scrap metal.

Some owners move in a hurry and leave behind non-functional vehicles. Do not be afraid to ask the owner to take it off their hands. Just make sure to secure the title before taking possession of a vehicle.

3) Business Renovations

Some companies are hired to come in and totally renovate a business space. When this occurs, old equipment is often discarded.

Ask the renovation company or the business itself to pick up inoperable equipment and other potential scrap candidates. Old computers, monitors, and small electronics are all good sources for insulated copper wire.

4) Dumpsters

Many people quickly discard items and do not realize their hidden value. It is not a bad idea to check the dumpsters behind a shopping center.

5) Construction Site

An obvious location to find scrap metal is at a construction site. The challenge here is finding a crew that is willing to let you take anything.

Construction crews are savvy enough to know scrap metal prices per pound. In many cases, the company already has a deal in place to sell it. It is still worth a try.

6) Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops fall in the same category as construction sites. They are home to a substantial amount of scrap metal. However, the shop is unlikely to voluntarily part with these items.

7) Shooting Ranges

This may come as a surprise, but shooting ranges are a great source for scrap metal. The brass shells that get discarded after firing a shot are valuable.

Better yet, shooting ranges do not mind when people come and pick up the discarded shells. Just make sure to ask permission beforehand.

8) Facebook Marketplace

There is a section of Facebook where members attempt to get rid of junk. In many cases, people give away various items for free or a small charge.

Check the marketplace and pick up items that are gold mines for scrap metal. You will find elderly couples or handicapped people that are simply looking to get items off their property.

Where To Find Scrap Metal – Wrapping It Up

While considered trash to some, scrap metal is valuable to many people. Places like hospitals and renovation sites can be gold mines for old appliances and equipment.

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