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Top 10 Unexpected Benefits of a Clean Home

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Did you know that most people spend only two hours per day (or less) cleaning their homes?

That’s often not enough to get everything done–especially if you don’t clean on a daily basis.

If this sounds like you, then you should schedule more time to clean or invest in a maid. It’s not only for the obvious health benefits either, because there are other advantages to cleaning.

Still not sold on the idea of spending money on a maid? Here is an in-depth look at 10 unexpected benefits of maintaining a clean home.

1. Opportunity to Invite Others

Most people don’t invite others for dinner or for home parties because of the mess in their living room. It’s hard to bring people over because they might judge you for how unsightly or disorganized it is. No one wants others to think they live in squalor or are too lazy to clean up.

With a clean home, this problem evaporates.

You may even feel compelled to invite people over because you feel proud of how nice your home looks. There’s that feeling that you want to show off how beautiful your home is. It’s definitely better than the shameful feeling of hiding in your home because it’s such a mess.

2. Better Sleeping Habits

Can’t sleep? It might be because your mind keeps nagging about the mess in the kitchen or the bathroom. You might not be able to sleep well because you know there’s something left to finish.

A clean home also improves your peace of mind. The air is cleaner, the rooms are more spacious, and light can peek through to liven up the place. There’s also less unnatural warmth from the clutter.

These factors all contribute to a more conducive atmosphere to sleep. If you can’t rest your mind at night, give it a try and see if you sleep better with a clean room.

3. Fewer Repairs

“Should I spend to hire someone to clean my space?”

True, you might be wary about the expenses of hiring a maid or buying expensive cleaning gear. After all, how sure are you that the maid can get the job done for the amount you pay? How sure are you that the high-end vacuum cleaner will get those carpet stains out?

Instead of thinking of the cost of hiring, think about the amount you can potentially save. If you don’t have someone regularly clean your fridge, for example, it’ll eventually break down. You’ll then have to spend even more to replace it with a new unit.

You can avoid having to pay for extensive appliance and home repairs by cleaning the place up regularly. The cost of cleaning is considerably lower compared to the cost of repairs.

4. Strong Sense of Accomplishment

An unexpected benefit of cleaning is the sense of accomplishment you get.

Builders get a sense of accomplishment when they turn a collection of raw materials into a nice home. Painters get that same feeling when they can make a beautiful piece of art out of random colors. You can get that feeling from turning a chaotic mess in your home into a place that is welcoming and refreshing.

You should feel accomplished for cleaning! It’s not an easy task and neither is it quick. Most people spend over two hours on social media per day–the minimum amount of time you should spend cleaning your home.

In two hours, you can put your laundry in the machine, wash the dishes, dust the furniture, and clean up the floor. There will still be time to put everything away, organize your things, and move your laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.

If you get all that done, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of triumph.

5. Increase Productivity and Physical Activity

A clean home also encourages you to get other things done.

Is the living room clean? You might want to use the open space to place a dancing video game or to work out with some dumbbells. You can now use that open space to work on life goals stalled for so long, like building a miniature airplane or to tune up your car.

Daily cleaning also means there will be less to put away as the days go on. Try cleaning your home for five days straight. By the fifth day, you won’t have that much left to do, giving you more free time to finish other important tasks.

You could now use the added free time to play video games, invite guests over for a dinner party, or get physical by spending time at the gym or park. When you get home, there won’t be much to clean up since you already got it done the day before.

6. Organization Gives a Sense of Control

Take back the sense of control in your own home by keeping it clean and organized.

Some people feel like they lose control because they can’t find something important. The item they need could be underneath a mountain of dirty laundry or books all over the floor.

It’s not only about knowing where your things are. You could lose control over your life due to the mess. As mentioned, you could suffer from a lack of sleep due to a messy home. This ruins how productive and sociable you are at work or school.

By cleaning, you get that control back. You’re more organized, you know where everything is, and you can stay on schedule more often.

7. Boosts Respect and Self-Confidence

A clean home can improve how you view yourself too. You’ll feel good about yourself because you got so much cleaning done.

But this benefit goes beyond feeling happy with your accomplishment. You’ll also feel a strong boost to your self-confidence and respect.

People who live in messy homes often feel ashamed and guilty. They feel like they’re abusing themselves when they sit down to watch television when they know they should be cleaning the rooms.

If you keep your home clean, you won’t feel this sense of guilt. You’ll have this glowing feeling of self-respect because you got the important chores done first. You know you didn’t waste time and now you’ll feel like you earned the downtime spent for leisure.

8. Helps Combat Depression

Having a messy home is also a sign of depression and anxiety.

As mentioned above, people can feel guilty when they watch TV or play video games when they know they should be cleaning up. They’ll feel guilty about wasting their time. This guilt can fester in their head and before they know it, they’ll start feeling useless or helpless.

If you’re suffering from depression and anxiety issues, cleaning your home could help. Even better, you can now invite people over to keep you company and you’ll have more free time to enjoy your hobbies.

Doing these activities and maintaining positive thoughts can help you stay stress-free.

9. A Clean Home Helps the Environment

Maintaining a clean home involves more than merely sweeping the floor and putting your stuff away. If you do it regularly, you can also help save the environment.

First off, cleaning on a regular basis means you get to segregate your trash. You’ll be able to put away items that are recyclable. This is crucial because giving shops more things to recycle means companies spend less waste creating something new.

You can also reduce carbon emissions and chemicals in the air by using eco-friendly bathroom cleaning supplies. You can use biodegradable trash bags and keep the air clean by maintaining AC filters.

10. Helps Save Money

Yes, regular cleaning helps save you money. For one thing, you won’t re-buy things you lost in a messy clutter. You’ll also spend less on medications to deal with ailments brought by allergies and bacteria.

Even if you hire a professional maid, you’re still saving cash. The amount you spend to hire them is significantly lower than what you’d spend to replace rotten furniture or stained carpets.

You’ll also be more mindful about the items you buy. If you keep a clean home, you’ll likely think twice before buying something new. Instead, you’ll consider where it goes in your home and how much effort it is to maintain it.

Enjoy the Benefits and Keep a Clean Home

These are only 10 of the unexpected benefits of a clean home. There are plenty more for you to discover and enjoy. The important takeaway here is that maintaining a clean and organized home does more than keep you healthy.

But why stop there? There are more cleaning guides to discover.

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