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15 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Having confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people think they’re all that, while others have a lot more trouble telling themselves they’re enough.

Confidence isn’t about being the best-looking in a room or having the loudest voice. It’s not always a “look at me” type of attitude. More often than not, confidence just means being at peace with who you are and how you act.

If you’ve always struggled with confidence, check out 20 ways to boost your self-esteem listed below.

1. Leave Yourself Love Notes

Your level of confidence begins with how you talk to yourself. To encourage a better, healthier conversation inside of your mind, try writing a few special notes to yourself every day.

Put sticky notes on your laptop and your mirror. Tell yourself that you’re worthy of all the good things you desire. Remind yourself that the love you’re looking for is actually available within you.

2. Eat Better

Another great way to show yourself how much love you have for who you are is to take care of your body. Start paying more attention to the foods you eat and even how often you eat.

Make an effort to include more fresh produce in your diet and cut back on greasy foods and fast-food meals. More so, identify whether or not you’ve been stress eating or seriously restricting your diet.

3. Start Working Out

When you have a better handle of your diet, you’re likely to feel more energy. This starts to boost your confidence, but there’s no reason not to take that energy one step further!

Begin a workout routine. Even if you’re only doing a basic workout a few times a week, you’re still getting your body moving. This boosts endorphins and does wonders for your energy, emotions, and even your sex drive.

4. Find Your Personal Style

Don’t push yourself to workout based on looks. Do it for you. When it comes to your physical appearance, though, one thing you can do is work on your personal style.

Finding the kind of fashion that works for you unlocks a whole world of confidence. This makes getting dressed and going out much more fun and enjoyable than before.

5. Play up Your Best Features

While you’re working on your personal style, try to accentuate your best features as much as possible. This will increase your confidence even more. It makes you focus on what you love the most about yourself instead of picking at your body and lowering your confidence levels.

6. Identify What You Value

Here’s something you may not realize about confidence: it goes hand in hand with what you value. If looks or status are everything to you, for example, you won’t ever be really satisfied with yourself.

If your values are more centered on being a good person, having patience, or simply being honest, though, your confidence can skyrocket.

7. Expand Your Knowledge

What you know goes hand in hand with what you value because passion drives curiosity. It makes you want to learn more and more about a certain topic.

When it comes to confidence, you should always try to expand your knowledge. The more you know about the world and people around you, the more comfortable you begin to get with the role you play in everything.

8. Take a Trip

Speaking of the world around you, consider taking a trip. Don’t think of this as an escape from your confidence problems – think of it as a way to discover something new about yourself.

This accomplishes many of the confidence-boosting things on the list at once. Traveling expands your mind, shows you what you value, makes you active, and can even help you define your style.

9. Try New Things

A vacation is a perfect excuse to try something new. But, there’s no reason you can’t do this at home, too!

You’ll be surprised how this boosts your confidence. Trying something for the first time may lead you to the brand-new passion you’ve been waiting to dive into.

10. Challenge Your Perspective

Wherever you go and whatever you do, always challenge your perspective. Be careful to nitpick your thoughts, but don’t hesitate to see the other side of a coin. Who knows, you may realize things aren’t so bad for you after all.

11. Get a Pet

Confidence requires companionship, and a great companion is a loyal pet. If you don’t have one already, consider adopting from your local shelter or joining a pet fostering program.

12. Volunteer

If a pet fostering program doesn’t sound like your jam, look into other volunteering opportunities. Doing something good for others actually does a load of good for you. It shows you just how well off you really are and it sheds light on the value you really do bring to the world.

13. Find Your Voice

When you start to volunteer on a regular basis, something incredible happens – you find your voice. You get so passionate about the cause you’re working for that you can’t help but speak out. This, in turn, shows you how to speak for yourself with confidence, too.

14. Encourage Your Creativity

Your voice doesn’t always express itself as the words you say. Sometimes, you find it by the things you create.

Maybe you discover you’re great at writing or you have a knack for painting and drawing. Whichever way your creative self-reveals itself, don’t hide it. Encourage it and watch the amazing things that can happen.

15. Stop Using Drugs

While it’s good to encourage some things, it’s also worth your while to put other things to a stop. This is especially true if you’re using drugs.

Drugs do no good for the body or the mind. You may feel confident when using, but in reality, you’re becoming dependent. You’re taking steps back in building confidence instead of moving forward.

Boost Your Self-Esteem and Change Your Life

Confidence is one of the best things you can ever learn in life. When you know how to encourage it and use it properly, all kinds of doors open to you. This may help you meet the love of your life or get the job of your dreams.

How cool would that be? Find out for yourself by working to boost your self-esteem!

Once you feel the confidence you’ve always hoped for, be sure to celebrate. For more self-improvement tips and tricks, click here.

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