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Is Fixing Up a House Worth It When Trying to Sell Your Home?

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Whether you need more space in your house for a growing family, or less room because the kids have moved out, selling your house is a big step. You may be wondering if you should do some work on the house before listing it.

Fixing up a house before selling it will depend on a few things, and will vary in each case. The amount of time you have and your budget will be the main factors.

Here are some things to consider when putting your house on the market.

Fixing up a House to Sell

Spending time and money to fix your home may not always be worth it. These are some examples.

Structural Damage

Selling a house that has not been lived in for some time can suffer a lot of damage. There can be infestations of vermin, termites or other bugs and squatters. This can lead to irreparable damages.

If there are holes in the walls, crumbling steps or foundations, or severe problems with the plumbing, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money. You will have to list it ‘as is’ and hope to recoup some of your investment.


It can cost way too much money to fix massive damage in an older or abused house. It’s not going to make much difference to the asking price and you may actually lose money.

Ask an Expert

Talk to a contractor. They will be able to give you better advice and spot damages that you may not. They know what to look for and will give you a better idea if it’s worth spending money on it.

If you are unsure how to proceed, you should always consult a realtor for the best advice. They understand the market, the area and what people are willing to pay for a decent or not so decent house.

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Yes, Fix Your House

If the house is in good shape, then yes, you should take some time on small improvements. With a little bit of DIY work around the house, you can get a better price for it without spending a fortune.


A bit of paint, either on the outside of the house or the interior can make a huge difference. Brighten up the kitchen, paint the handrails on the steps and cover up faded spots around pictures on the walls from the sun.

Curb Appeal

Add a border of flowers, fix the broken steps, paint your front door. These little gestures will make the first impression a good one for potential buyers.

House or Home

Just because the house is complete shambles, doesn’t mean it won’t sell. There are people who enjoy buying houses to flip and contractors will make offers, as well.

Fixing up a house doesn’t need to put you in debt, but a few small improvements can make a big difference.

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