unique ways to save money

8 Easy and Unique Ways to Save Money on the Items You Buy Every Day

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We’re always looking for unique ways to save money.

As a culture, we love saving money and a good deal. How many times have you talked about items that you got on sale?

Even though we’re looking for ways to save sometimes we wind up spending more to save money. About 96% of us use coupons. Yet, coupon users spend 24% more than non-coupon users.

If you want to know how to truly save money, keep reading to learn the 8 easy and creative ways to save money.

1. Make Your Own Stuff

Making your own stuff is one way to save money. You’re not paying for expensive brands or advertising of products. You also know what’s in the products because you made them. You can make anything from muscle rubs to soaps.

2. Price Shop for Everything

You can always find a better deal. The great thing about the internet is that you can easily price shop for products. Even for contact lenses, you can find sites like PerfectLensWorld that have great deals.

3. Evaluate Your Car Expenses

How much are you spending on car payments, insurance, maintenance, and fuel? About 10% of your income should be on car expenses. Take a look at your expenses and see what you can cut back. Start by shopping for new insurance rates.

4. Live in a Tiny Home

Tiny homes aren’t for everyone, but they can save money. They are usually homes that are less than 300 square feet and you can buy them for about $15,000.

5. Eat at Home

One of the easiest lifestyle changes you can make to save money is to make your own meals at home. Check out Pinterest for easy to make recipes that are healthy and

6. Become Self Sufficient

If you want to save money, aim to become self-sufficient. That means you are your own hunter, farmer, craftsperson, gardener, butcher and more. You don’t have to buy much except for raw materials.

7. Free Entertainment

If cats can be entertained for hours by a single cardboard box, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on entertainment.

Every city and town have a host of free things to do. Check your local newspaper and local parks and recreation site. During the warmer months, towns often have movies and concerts at the parks.

8. Cut the Cord

Cable television has become extremely expensive. The average cable bill is between $85 and $100 per month. You’re paying for a lot of channels that you don’t watch.

Take a look at the channels that you watch the most. There are probably 3-6 channels that are on all the time. You can find a cheaper option to watch those channels. Check out packages on streaming services like SlingTV.

Unique Ways to Save Money

People love to save money. There are countless ways to save, but sometimes you wind up spending more to save.

These unique ways to save money help you to evaluate your budget and lifestyle. They also help you save a few bucks in the process.

For more great DIY tips, be sure to check out our blog.

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