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10 Awesome and Innovative Things You Can Do With a Shipping Container

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Did you know that there are over 17 million shipping containers in the world?

While the primary function of shipping containers was once the transportation of cargo, the functions have since been developing.

Nowadays, shipping containers have now become an excellent and eco-friendly means of creating functional spaces. This can be anything from residential homes to commercial spaces such as schools.

If you’re thinking of buying a shipping container, you’re going to want to read this. We’re outlining the ten most awesome and innovative things that you can do with a shipping container.

Hint: It’s not just a home!

1. Greenhouse

Are you interested in expanding your green thumb?

With shipping containers, having your own harvest doesn’t have to require plentiful acres. Shipping containers have become an especially popular means of creating your own personal greenhouse.

Shipping container greenhouses are especially popular when farmers only have a small plot of land. This is because shipping containers are small in size yet have the ability to be stacked atop one another.

With this, only a small acreage of land is needed to yield an impressive harvest of crops.

2. Pop-up Shop

Due to the size and aesthetic of a shipping container, these containers become prime candidates for pop-up shops. For modern businesses, the industrial aesthetic of the shipping container fits seamlessly with the brand image.

These shipping containers can be transformed into colorful, warm spaces that offer an added dosage of creativity.

It’s also affordable for businesses as well as simple to transport. This is especially ideal for any businesses looking to add additional stores whether seasonally or during community events.

3. Sauna

Why not turn your shipping container into your own personal relaxation center?

These containers can simply be transformed into a self-contained sauna with solar power and a wood burning stove.

Not only can this sauna be visually appealing and ultra-modern, but they are also small in size and functional on a small footprint.

4. Tiny Home

Do you have what it takes to live in a tiny home?

If you’re interested in downsizing your abode, you may want to consider the tiny home movement.

This movement helps to significantly reduce one’s environmental footprint, minimize unnecessary space and reduce spending. In fact, 67 percent of tiny home owners are mortgage free and experience significantly lower utility bills.

Because, well, sometimes less is more!

5. Multiple Shipping Container Home

Are you and your family looking for a more affordable, eco-friendly method of building your dream home?

Shipping container homes are perfect for families seeking a more spacious layout.

While tiny homes traditionally utilize a single container, multiple containers can be administered to create a standard size home. With thanks to the stackability of shipping containers, it’s simple to create multiple levels within the home.

6. Backyard Shed

If you’re looking for a non-traditional means of storage for your backyard, it might be time to invest in a shipping container.

These shipping containers are significantly more sturdy than wood that is traditionally used to built sheds. This means that you can avoid termites, mold, wood rot and any damage caused by extreme weather. There is also zero building or maintenance required.

These shipping containers are especially ideal for those that store valuable items in their sheds such as farm equipment or home goods. This is due to the fact that most shipping containers are equipped with a locking system.

7. Personal Pool

Are you considering getting a pool?

When it comes to choosing the perfect pool for creatives, there’s nothing more stylish and modern than a shipping container pool.

Not only is a shipping container pool a crafty and unique endeavor, it’s also more simple than building a traditional pool. For example, there is no digging required, no planning permission and less overall work.

Instead, companies specializing in shipping container pools simply line the shipping container, add filters, heat pumps, lights and a ladder.

8. Refurbished Furniture

When it comes to shipping containers, the container itself doesn’t always have to be used for framing. Instead, why not considering using the steel of the container to create high-quality, modern furniture pieces?

This is also a great option for anyone that has shipping container scaps leftover from a previous project. Here, you can create anything from desks and lights to lounge chairs and tables.

9. Homeless and Disaster Shelters

Just as shipping containers may be used for any residential purpose, they may also help to provide an answer to homelessness.

These containers can be transformed into safe and affordable communities to help minimize the number of citizens living on the street.

These homeless shelters may also function as disaster shelters. The shipping containers can offer residence to those displaced for their home and seeking refuge.

10. Schooling

Using shipping containers as a place to school children has become extremely popular in developing countries and some areas of the United States.

This allows students the opportunity to learn and attend school when otherwise it may not be possible. These containers can also be manufactured off-site and then shipped to the desired destination. This is especially significant for developing countries that may lack the means of creating these container classrooms themselves.

Because these containers are portable, it also means that if the school needs to relocate due to weather or political unrest, it’s simple to do so.

The Functions of a Shipping Container: Not Just for Transportation

Are you considering buying a shipping container?

Unless you’re starting a shipping business, it’s safe to assume that you’re looking to get a little creative with your shipping container!

Not only are shipping containers inexpensive and visually appealing, they’re also extremely eco-friendly. If you’re looking to recreate something new from a recycled material, look no further than a shipping container.

From residential tiny homes or multiple container homes to personal pools and refurbished furniture, it just takes a small dosage of creativity to see the potential for your shipping container.

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