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10 Things You Need to Have to Give Your Home a Retro Style

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Looking to redecorate your space but aren’t sure what kind of look you want to go for?

You could go with a modern, minimalist look, but that style is overdone and boring. Instead, your home should make you feel happy and inspired.

Want to elicit those positive feeling every time you step through the front door?

Then decorating your home in a retro motif is the way to go! A groovy style means lots of colors, patterns, and kitsch. What’s more fun than that?

Worried that your home will look like a time capsule from the 60’s or 70’s? Just don’t overdo it!

Remember, this is retro inspired. Take the best elements of the time period, and leave the rest. Read on to check out the 10 items you need to get to give your home a retro style.

1. Bold, Removable Wallpaper

The 60’s and 70’s were all about bright colors and bold patterns. It wasn’t unusual for people to decorate their homes with loud wallpaper.

The only problem with wallpaper? It’s a huge pain to get rid of. The great news is that in the last 50 years, it’s made a lot of improvements.

Now, you can find removable wallpaper in every style imaginable. Paper an accent wall in your living room with a retro, geometric pattern.

Then if you get sick of it in a few years, it’ll be no sweat to peel it off and try something new.

2. Black and White Floor Tiles

Black and white floor tiles in the kitchen or bathroom is a retro look that never goes out of style.

You can find a way to fit this floor makeover into any budget. If you don’t have much to spend you can use a cheaper laminate material. Real ceramic tiles in black and white can be expensive, but they last longer.

3. Mid-Century Modern Furniture

After the show Mad Men, mid-century modern furniture has had a surge in popularity. Despite it being off the air for a few years, this classic style has stuck around.

Vintage mid-century modern furniture in great condition can be pretty pricey. However, there’s plenty of stores that sell affordable knock-offs.

When putting together your living room, find a mid-century coffee table and TV stand. Then, for a pop of color, get a blue or green Danish-style sofa.

4. Clawfoot Tub

When it comes to redecorating, don’t neglect the bathroom. It can have the same style and flair as every other room in the house!

Not sure how to give it a retro upgrade? Get rid of your boring shower and replace it with a sophisticated clawfoot tub.

Bathtime will feel all the more luxurious. You can even install a shower head above it so it can function as both relaxing and convenient. To find one that works for your home you can read more here.

5. Record Player

A record player is a decor accessory that is as much fun as it is chic. These days, record players come in all sorts of styles.

For a sophisticated look, you can buy an upscale record player made of finished wood. If you want something funkier, you can get one in a wild pattern.

Set your player on top of a mid-century modern record holder. Guests will love flipping through your collection when choosing some music to accompany the evening.

6. Pastel Kitchen Appliances

Give your kitchen a huge dose of pizzazz with a splash of color. Classic brands like Smeg still make retro pastel kitchen appliances. Go for a baby pink refrigerator or a soft yellow oven.

If a giant pastel dishwasher is a little too bold for your taste, you can scale down. A matching standing mixer and toaster will give the room style without being too loud.

7. Kitschy Knick-Knacks

An easy way to add a little retro style to a room is with a few kitschy knick-knacks. But, don’t just add clutter to your home. Curate your collectibles and display them in a way that looks deliberate.

Putting every single vintage knick-knack you have on a shelf will look messy. Instead, mix a few collectibles with newer decor items, books or family photos.

8. Shag Area Rugs

Wall-to-wall shag carpeting has always looked tacky. But adding a shag area run to a hardwood floor can be stylish and comfy.

Don’t have animals or little kids? A white shag rug can look chic in a room decorated in neutral colors. For a teen’s bedroom, a bright pink shag rug is fun and comfy to lounge on.

9. Macrame Accents

The macrame trend from the 70’s and 80’s has come back in full force.

Macrame wall hangings look great over the bed in lieu of a headboard. Plant hangers in the living room will give your home a laid-back California vibe.

You can find all sorts of macrame designs online and in stores. But, they also make for a fun DIY project. They require minimal materials and are easier to make than you’d expect!

10. A Vintage Bar Cart

What’s more retro than mixing yourself a dirty gin martini after a long day at the office? Do it in style with a vintage bar cart.

Bar carts make for a chic focal point in any living room. A brass bar cart will match with all sorts of decor and will always be in style.

Keep your bar cart stocked with the standard liquors including vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin. Display some colorful paper straws, a jar of olives or cherries, and of course, a cocktail shaker.

These Items Will Give Your Home Some Retro Style!

What is old always becomes new again, and these vintage items will give your home some retro style. You can easily find all of these things in stores or save some money by raiding your grandma’s house!

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