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Be the Best Pet Parent You Can Be With DIY Landscaping for Dogs

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Bringing a dog home comes with a lot of the stress of bringing a baby home. The only thing is, this baby can run away much faster than a human can.

Dogs need to enjoy themselves outdoors and have room to roam without being able to escape. This is exactly why you need to consider putting in some landscaping for dogs.

Landscaping for dogs? Don’t worry, we’ll provide the ideas.

Landscaping for Dogs

This kind of landscaping doesn’t involve trying to create some magical dog dream where everything is made of milk-bone and whizzing tennis balls. No, we’re just talking about creating an environment that would be conducive to your dog’s happiness.

Things like grass and dog houses, silly.

1. The Grass Issue

You may have seen yards that are under the reign of a wild dog. Dirt spots, urine spots, disembodied heads of toys, and plant-growing difficulties abound. This is an issue that can be solved in a couple of different ways.

Urine and dirt spots are handled by the presence of “hardscaping.” Hardscaping is pretty much any element of landscaping that is not natural. Things like patios and gazebos and the like.

A patio is a great way to prevent your dog from destroying your lawn, but keep in mind that dogs need room to roam. If you do have an area of the yard that you’d like to keep pristine, consider dedicating one portion of grass to your dog’s desire.

You also have the option of laying down some “green carpet.” Sometimes called clover lawns, these artificial forms of grass will keep your yard free of yellow pee discolorations and dirt blotches.

2. Fence on the Side of Caution

When laying down a fence, make sure to lay one that will contain your dog at the height of its growth. Go slightly overboard on height because losing a dog over the fence is a perfect way to never find it again.

Consider carving a few head-sized diamond shapes into the fence as well. This way your dog won’t have to jump over the fence to see the other side– they’ll just be able to poke their head through and take a look. If you don’t use a fence, just make sure that you have some form of pet containment system.

3. Provide an Outside Rest Spot

Make sure that your yard has an area that is regularly shaded for your dog to rest in. The pup could always just come inside to rest, but there’s something about sleeping in the shade that dogs naturally love.

This is key, and make sure that the shaded area isn’t in the presence of anything unnatural. By this, we mean that mulches and fertilizers can have adverse effects on your do if they aren’t organic. Some of the chemicals in those products could potentially be deadly.

Look for More Ways to Fine-Tune Your Home

Landscaping for dogs helps the dogs, but you have to do something for yourself too.

The future is coming, and with it comes new technology that makes stuff really easy for us at home. Smart TVs, thermostats, and fridges are entering our lives at rapid rates.

If you’re interested in making your house great, we’ve got the information for you!

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