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6 Fun and Unique Printable Bridal Shower Games

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A bridal shower is a once in a lifetime experience, so why not make it fun?

Traditional showers are a thing of the past. Now, women are looking for ways to make their special day unique.

Printable bridal shower games are a great way to get guests involved in the festivities. With a little imagination, anyone can have a night the ladies will talk about for years.

Here are six games for the bride to be and her guests to enjoy!

Find the Guest

One of the problems some women face at bridal showers is breaking the ice with strangers. This game solves that problem and gets people socializing.

Print out cards that assign points for finding people that meet certain qualities. Pick things that will force guests to talk to each other. Some ideas for picking the guest to be found are:

  • Someone who has lived overseas
  • A couple together for ten years or longer
  • Someone with a certain number of kids
  • A guest at their first wedding

This game is easy to make and play. It gives everyone a ready-made reason to talk to the other guests and learn about each other. It’s one of the best of the printable bridal shower games for getting people to socialize.

Mad Libs

Good printable bridal shower games make the guests laugh. After all, the shower should be a joyous celebration.

Develop a story about the bride and the groom, leaving spaces blank. For each space, assign a type of word to fill it in, such as an adjective, noun, or name.

Mail guests the list of words that they need to come up without letting them know the story.

Use the words selected by the guests to fill out the story. The stories will get a little crazy, but that’s okay. The more insane the stories, the better!

Read the stories out loud and give credit to the author. Pick a winner out of the stories based on the craziest story. Try not to read them aloud in public, though. They might not be safe for work!

Where in the World

If the future bride has taken a lot of trips, turn those vacations into printable bridal shower games.

Find pictures of past adventures and show them to the guests during the shower. Have everybody guess the location of the pics. Make sure the pictures aren’t dead giveaways.

A picture in St. Louis shouldn’t have the Arch in the background, for instance. Make it a challenge for the guests.

Put a piece of trivia below each picture. For example, the St. Louis picture could have a paper that says it’s the city with the tallest man-made monument in the western hemisphere.

Don’t be surprised if the ladies call the future bride Carmen San-Diego for the rest of the night, though.


There are two types of bingo guests can play. The first of the printable bridal shower games is with cards that are already filled out.

Fill in the squares with items found during the shower. This will vary depending on where the bridal shower is. Guests turn in filled out cards at the end of the event for a small prize.

The second type involves guests filling out their own cards. Each person guesses what the gifts will be, and checks off blocks if their guesses are correct.

Those who get a bingo get a prize. This game will keep guests on their toes and get their creative juices flowing.


What’s better than an open bar at a shower? An open bar and printable bridal shower games that makes everybody in attendance dance around and look silly!

Come up with wedding themed ideas, such as wedding movies. Try to make them well known and recent so players will be able to act them out. Divide guests into teams and have them go head to head.

A little fierce competition never hurt anyone. It will help everyone get to know each other and leave a lasting memory with the ladies.

Print out each movie and have each team pick them out of a hat. Hopefully, you’ll have some drama kids in your group.

The Newlywed Game

This is the game that is as seen on TV. Now, girls can bring the game to their bridal shower.

Get a close friend to film the groom answering questions about the relationship. Who paid for the first date? What started the first fight? Who made the first move?

Have the bride answer these questions, and then show the video of the groom giving his version. Print out scorecards so that guests can guess how many questions he will get right.

The girls will love seeing the future hubby squirm while trying to remember details.

Make sure the questions don’t get too personal. Sometimes, less information is more. Keep it fun and lighthearted.

Prizes for Printable Bridal Shower Games

Prizes will vary depending on what games are at the bridal shower.

Some games, like bingo, will have many winners. For these types of games, there need to be prizes that won’t break the bank.

One idea is a themed gift bag. Bags can feature chocolates of the world, local coffee samples, or a spa theme with lotions and bath accessories.

These are simple to make and are crowd pleasers. No one has ever complained about chocolate.

If the game has one winner, think bigger.

Gift cards to local restaurants are a great option. A winner can get a day pass at the spa or a makeover at the beauty salon.

Gifts can also take on a more personal note. Everyone who attends the bridal shower can receive them.

Create photo albums for everyone that attends, with pictures of moments with all the girls together. Collages are easy to make and personalize for each attendee.

Personalized shirts and party favors will be a crowd favorite as well.

GIFs Make Any Invitation Better

When sending out email invitations to the bridal shower, make sure to spice the message up with some awesome GIFs.

GIFs are a great way to personalize messages and have them stand out in people’s inbox.

Upgifs has a GIF for any situation. Search for what you need, attach it to the invitations, and send away.

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