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How to Use a Hori Hori and 3 Other Unique Gardening Tools

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You’ve got your trowel, your ho, your shovel, and your garden gloves. You have all of the basic tools required to garden, but did you know that there are some gardening tools that are made specifically to make your gardening experience that much easier?

There are, but some of these unique tools aren’t commonly spoken about. There’s even a chance that you’ve never heard of them before. If you haven’t heard of these tools before, then you’re missing out!

Before spending your next day out in the garden, be sure to continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hori Hori and other cool gardening tools!

1. Hori Hori

What is a Hori Hori?

The Hori Hori is the only tool you need for cutting, digging, and pulling out weeds! This tool is a knife and a trowel all in one. If you don’t already have this tool in your gardening tool bag, then you need to consider purchasing one!

It’s more useful than many other tools, such as a knife on its own, and is considered a must-have item by pro gardeners.

2. Smart Plant Sensor

Although gardening may seem like an easy task, not everyone is born with a green thumb. Many gardening skills must be learned. For beginner gardeners, a smart plant sensor is an amazing tool.

The tool has a stake connected to it, which you place in the soil. Over the timespan of a few days, the plant sensor will collect necessary data including how much water and sunlight the area is receiving. After a few days have gone by, you’ll take the USB from the plant sensor and plug it into your computer.

Head on over to the sensor’s website where it will then tell you which types of plants are best to plant in that soil.

3. Fruit Picker Basket

If you have a hard time reaching fruit from your trees, you can use a fruit picker basket to collect the ripened fruit for you. The fruit picker basket comes with a long handle and a few prongs to grab the fruit off of the trees. Once you’re able to remove the fruit from the branch, it then falls into the sturdy basket.

This makes fruit picking a much more enjoyable experience!

4. Aerator Sandals

Aerator sandals are the best way to do something healthy for your garden while walking through it. The sandals attach to the bottom of your shoes, so you can wear them with your favorite pair of gardening shoes!

Aeration for your garden allows air, nutrients, and water to seep through the soil and reach the roots within it of your plants and grass. It alleviates soil compaction and creates the groundwork for a stronger garden.

Which Are Your Favorite Gardening Tools?

Out of all of these amazing and unique gardening tools, which ones are your favorite? Be sure to give them all a try if you haven’t already!

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