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9 Business Card Ideas That Will Not Disappoint

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The sad truth is out – almost nine out of 10 business cards end up in the trash bin within a week. In that regard, they’re much like flyers that people don’t even spend a few minutes to look at. The difference is, business cards are a bit pricier.

This likely had you thinking, “If that’s the case, why should I even bother having them printed out?”

You should bother because these branding tools still matter. Also, cards that get thrown away are the boring or normal ones. That’s why you need to use business card ideas that are not the norm.

With interesting and even odd business cards, people are more likely to remember you. Anything out of the ordinary yet still makes sense can help you leave great impressions.

We’ve rounded up some of the best business cards ideas you should consider, so keep reading!

1. The “Sneak Peek” Business Card

Business cards that have only text on them are boring. Especially if the text is only for the brand name and contact details. You can use your brand logo, but unless it has an out-of-this-world design, it won’t do that much good.

So, why not make things more visual for those who’ll receive your cards? Use an image that’ll give people a sneak peek into what you are all about. This’ll make it easier for card recipients to connect your business to its offerings.

Keep in mind that the human brain goes on hyperdrive when it sees images. It can process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than written text. So, by including a relevant visual aid in your business card, you’re letting people know exactly who you are.

Make sure you use an image that’s still understandable in a miniature size. Remember, your card is a tiny piece of canvas, so you need to keep image resolution and quality in mind.

2. Go Metal

If you went all “Wait, I think I misread that”, you did read it right. Surprised you, didn’t it? But wait until you see other people’s reactions.

Think about it for a second. Have you ever received metal business cards? Most likely not, because almost everyone else is using paper.

That alone should already tell you that going metal is one sure way to distinguish your brand. You don’t want to be like everyone else, so set yourself apart by handing out a meta business card.

Also, we’re talking about real metal, like stainless steel, gunmetal, copper, and even gold. That already tells you how longer lasting they will be. They’re still thin enough to fit into wallet card slots, but sturdy enough not to get wrinkled or crumpled.

The process behind placing the info you want on the cards is even impressive on its own. Reputable manufacturers use innovative laser technology to imprint details on the metal sheets. That manner of leaving an impression on the cards is one sure way to leave a solid first impression on clients.

3. Map It Out

There’s something about seeing maps that incite excitement in people. It may have something to do with the prospect of traveling or meeting new people. Whatever the reason is, you can use this “concept” on your cards to get a similar reaction from people.

One idea is to incorporate an actual map-like image of your business’ location. It can be a funky or interesting map design (or at least a representation of one). The important thing is to go all creative when coming up with the image you’ll use as the map.

It’s not a must to picture the precise location with all the street names. But you may want to at least include a “pin” to mark its location. Make sure you don’t forget to include your complete physical address in the cards though!

Anyone can use this idea for their business cards, but it’s a great branding strategy for real estate folks. It’s a location-based business, after all.

4. Attract with Square

Business cards don’t always have to be rectangular. In fact, you should consider going for another shape, like a square. That alone can already be an interesting feature of your cards that’ll make them stand out.

Square cards are still compact enough to fit into any wallet. But they’re not that small that they leave you with inadequate space.

Also, let’s face it. There’s something so attractive and eye-catching about the equal lines of a square.

The fact that they’re not the norm should be enough to make you consider square business cards. If you want your cards to stand out, then these are a must-consider idea for the next batch you’ll hand out.

5. Go Big or Go Home

The standard business card size is 3.5 x 2 inches. That’s enough space to have your name, contact details, or even a logo printed on it.

But why stick to regular? Why not go all the way in size when it comes to your business cards?

Handing out large business cards is a sure way to attract the attention of people. Again, because anything that is out of the ordinary is interesting.

But there’s more to bigger-than-normal business cards though. The bigger canvas gives you more ways to let your creative side out. That means you can also incorporate the other ideas on this list, such as an enlarged map or visual aid.

You don’t want to go overboard though. Make sure there’s still enough empty spaces on the cards to avoid giving it a cluttered look.

The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to be big and bold. Let people know you’re the boss at what you do. That your business delivers, even goes beyond expectations.

6. Great Lengths

As a professional, you want to show potential clients your willingness to go to great lengths. So, why not go literal and hand out long business cards? Okay, so that may be a symbolization, but again, because it’s not the standard, it can be pretty interesting.

It works kind of how the large cards do, in the sense that you have more space to use. But, they work better for cards with portrait images and cool landscape photos. They’re also a great choice for long names (including yours and your brand).

7. Impress with Textured Impressions

At the end of the day, businesses cards are physical marketing media. So, why not bring this tangibility to the next level? With textured impressions, you can make your business cards more memorable.

Some methods you may want to consider are foiling and letterpress. These create indentations rather than simple prints.

You’d need high-quality services for this though. This way, you can ensure the letters and images feel raised or depressed.

This difference in texture will most likely make anyone want to examine the card longer. The longer people look at your card, the likelier they’ll remember the details on it. That then takes your branding recall efforts to a whole new level!

8. Funky and Cool Typography

Consider this for a minute:

Over a billion people from all corners of the world know right away if they’re looking at Google’s brand name or logo. Even if they see only the “G”, Google pops into mind faster than they can say Google.

It’s easy for people to make the connection because of the logo’s physical attributes. The same goes true for the brand name’s writing format. There’s the color used, but there’s also the awesome typography it features.

So, take a page out of Google’s typography handbook. Go for a typeface, a font size, and other features that make the written details on your card stand out. Make sure you keep function in mind, as well as how the font fits into your business’ mission and vision.

Pro Tip: You may want to avoid curly or too fancy fonts. This may result in the text becoming illegible when printed in tiny canvases.

9. Invigorate with Color

Black and white business cards can be a bit boring to look at. That doesn’t mean two-toned cards won’t work anymore. You can still go with two colors, but consider color combinations other than black and white.

Refer to your brand logo when deciding which colors to use. Look for the most striking colors. Choose those that even when combined, will still complement each other.

You may also want the gradient-style color theme. These are great to look at, and can work as the backdrop of your business cards. If you want to stick to B&W, adding gray or dark blue notes can give it that “oomph”.

The most important thing here is to choose colors that won’t clash. Use colors that have something to do with your brand. Remember, there’s a science behind colors, so use that to stir the right emotions in your customers.

Make Your Business Stand Out with these Awesome Business Card Ideas

Not 60 seconds, not even 10 seconds. You only have seven seconds to leave a great first impression on other people. If you hand out a boring, plain, or too-simple business card, you won’t get anywhere.

So, avoid wasting money on tired-looking cards. Go for any (or even several!) of these business card ideas we’ve shared with you. That way, you can let people know straight away you’re different from the competition.

Want more tips to make your brand stand out? We’ve got loads of them on our blog’s business section!

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