7 Online Solitaire Tips That Will Make The Game Fun Again

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Playing Solitaire is a game of patience, which is the original name for this popular card game. The game can be deceptively easy, but many newcomers learn it can be hard to win. The odds can be as low as 1 in 11.5 games to win.

Of course, that number is just an average, your win rate can go up significantly if you know the right tricks. We have some Solitaire tips that will guarantee a better score and higher chance to win.

Here are seven ways you can improve:

1. Know All the Rules

Before you do anything to change your strategy, make sure you know all of the rules. You can learn the rules of Solitaire and more online gaming tips on card game websites.

2. Stay in Order

Solitaire is a game that is all about organizing cards. Make sure you move the cards in your stockpile first, then move onto those that are in the deck. If you don’t, you’ll potentially make an irreversible move that prevents a win.

3. Prioritize Aces and 2s

Every Ace or Duece in play should always be moved over to the foundation. These cards can and will block your progress if you don’t move them immediately.

4. Don’t Click Too Fast

When playing Solitaire on a computer, it is important to slow down your clicks. Only when you are completely comfortable should you be firing double-clicks as a reflex. The main reason is you could accidentally place the wrong card in the foundation.

Then, you’ll be looking like this once you realized you’ve just sabotaged your own game.

5. Use a Four-Colored Deck

It makes things much easier to read when you’re playing with a four-colored deck. Unlike traditional card decks, the suits each of their own color. Usually, they are black, blue, green, and red.

6. Go for High-Scores

The fewer moves you make to your path to victory, the higher your score. If you prioritize making fewer moves to win, you’ll naturally get better at finishing.

7. Don’t Focus on Foundations

If you spend a lot of your games building your foundations early on, it makes it harder later. That’s because most of your cards will be stuck in the back of your stockpile. The only exception to this is if your cards are dealt in sequence at the beginning.

Other Solitaire Tips

These Solitaire tips in our list are pretty universal, but there are lots of different variations of the game. Some are slight twists, such as pulling one card at a time, instead of three. Try playing the game with two decks, 9 columns, and 8 foundations.

If you find Solitaire a bit too difficult for you, try combining suits of the same color (in a two-color deck). There’s also a lot of other patience games out there that you can try. Everything from Minesweeper to Minecraft can be considered a patience game if it requires problem-solving on your own.

Take a look at some of these favorite user-made game gifs. Upload your own moment of Winning Solitaire with a gif of everyone’s favorite cascading decks. A lot of players can relate to that feeling of sweet victory!

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