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How to Make a DIY Snow Globe That Will Make the Perfect Christmas Decoration

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Whether you’re having an all-out war with ice balls you spit on before you throw them or you’re inside by the fireplace baking cookies and watching a snow globe, you’ll feel like celebrating the holidays with a little snow around.

Snow globes aren’t just for kids. If you want to bring a little cheer into your house without it melting, you can make your own snow globe. Follow these four easy steps to get started.

1. Find The Right Snow Globe

The first thing you need to get started is the globe. Whatever you want to use to hold the snow should be durable and leak-proof if you’re going to use water. One easy item to use that shouldn’t have any problem containing the water is a mason jar.

Some other items you can use, depending on the look you’re going for, are:

  • flour canister
  • fishbowl
  • clear plastic cup

If you are getting ready for the holidays and you still have Black Friday ahead of you, an easy way to find discount glassware is to shop the after-Thanksgiving sale. You can also try the dollar store.

Hint: to avoid the snow mess, choose a container that already has bubbles in it to look like snow!

2. Fill It with The Right Objects

If you choose to make snow globes with the flour canisters, skip to step three, and then come back to this step.

You could use a winter animal inside your snow globe, or make some at home. Find a small animal figurine and attach your own scarf. Tie on a piece of baker’s twine or a small piece of fabric and secure it with a dot of hot glue so it doesn’t come untied.

Some other ideas for snow globe objects are:

  • an old-fashioned station wagon with a Christmas tree tied to the top
  • bottlebrush trees
  • a snowman

After you select all your objects, use a hot glue gun to attach them to the bottom of the snow globe. If you are using a mason jar, this means gluing them to the lid, so that they stand up inside the jar (don’t put the jar on yet).

Arrange them in a few different ways to try out the placement before you glue. You may find you like the position less than you thought.

3. Add the Snow

Some snow globes have water in them, and they use glitter for the snow, inside the water. This type of snow globe would be ideal for a well-sealing container, like the mason jar, or possibly the fishbowl.

You can use pretty white glitter or even gold or silver. Even multi-colored glitter would be great, especially if you are making this for a kid. Another option is quilter’s batting or rolls of fake snow fluff, for even less mess.

If you use the flour canisters, they’re designed purely to sit on the counter, not for shaking like a child’s snow globe. It’s a cute way to decorate the kitchen for Christmas. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time there prepping veggies and cooking for the holiday, so a little Christmas cheer will help keep your spirits up.

Layer each canister with a thick “blanket” of sugar for snow on the bottom. One to two cups of sugar should work, depending on how big around each canister is. The effect works well with several different size canisters, so experiment with the amount of sugar to get the height of the snow in each one about equal.

Choosing not to use water has other benefits besides less mess. You can use mini lights in your snow globe if you want to add a little ambiance. Try rice lights for tiny little pinpricks.

Keep in mind you may want to work with fluff for snow so that you can unscrew the globe’s bottom and turn the lights off.

4. Seal It Up

For the mason jar project, just screw the lid on as tight as you can. For the fishbowl, glue it on tight.

If you’re using the plastic cup, you can get a couple of wood pieces to glue it to. Visit your local craft store to find a piece of wood that is round. Make sure it is wider at the base than the bottom of your cup.

The circle will probably come bare, although if you shop during the holiday season there may be some pre-painted with a holiday color. Should you desire to paint it before attaching it, the acrylic paint section is usually well-stocked with every shade imaginable. One or two coats should do it.

For decoration, you can add a small wooden knob on top of the cup. Paint it the same color as the base and use hot glue to attach it.

You’re all set to seal up your snow globe now. Attach the top with some glue, and add it to your festive decorations. What a fun way to get into the spirit of the season!

Ready for the Holidays

Homemade decor is the fastest way to brighten your home for Christmas. A snow globe is easy to make. All you have to do is find the right snow globe, choose your objects, fill it with snow, and seal it.

Your friends are sure to want to share in the holiday spirit, too. Share this post with them, or visit our website for more ideas to help you celebrate the season.

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