Security Upgrade: 10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Security

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Are you looking for simple ways to improve the security of your home? 

Whether you’re at home, caught up at the office or away on holiday, the possibility of a home invasion is an unfortunate reality. While most assume home invasions take place at night, this isn’t always the case. 

That being said, it’s best to take every precaution possible and deter your home from becoming the victim of a home invasion. Although investing in a home security system is an effective measure in preventing a home invasion from happening, it’s not the only way. 

Fortunately, minimizing your home’s risk of invasion can actually be relatively simple and wallet-friendly for your household. After all, an effective security upgrade doesn’t always have to be so complex. 

If you’re looking to make your home as safe as possible, you’re going to want to read this. We’re documenting ten simple measures that every homeowner can take to maximize the security of their home. 

1. Do Not Advertise

In today’s world, people love to stay connected and share their life online. 

While it’s fun to share these updates with family and friends, it can also be detrimental. By simply posting online about an upcoming vacation, the homeowner is broadcasting to the entire online world that they will be away from there home in the near future. 

If you’re looking to maximize your security whilst away, do yourself a favor and keep upcoming holidays offline. 

2. Install Motion-Detector Lights 

Installing an exterior motion detector is a simple yet effective means of deterring home invaders. These are often effective on the front porch, backyard as well as near any doors or large windows. 

When the lights suddenly illuminate, it gives an intruder the impressed that they are being watched. It also catches the attention of the homeowners as well as neighbors. 

3. Keep Valuables out of Sight 

Do yourself a favor and ensure that you are not giving any home intruders a motive to select your home. 

When you have valuables in plain eyesight, this gives intruders the reason to believe that your home is a good contender for burglary. When valuables are presented up front, it’s only assumed that higher quality valuables will be found inside. 

If your valuables are not easily perceived by those on the outside, it might encourage burglars to move onto another home. 

4. Ditch Your “Hidden” Key

In today’s world, the hidden key is no longer an effective practice.

One of the biggest issues with the hidden key is that it is often placed in a mutually common area. They may include under a certain planter, behind a garden statue or inside the mail carrier.  

The truth is, outside invaders are well-acquainted with these spots and are likely to locate the key when determined enough. This is simply not a risk any homeowner should be willing to take. 

If you feel strongly that you require another key to your home, place it with a friend or a very trusted neighbor. 

5. Avoid Glass Near Handle 

Let’s face it, glass can be easily broken. 

With technology nowadays, a glass door or section can be broken into quickly and discreetly. These areas of glass can be easily broken and the door handle can simply be opened without having to technically “break-in”. 

Let’s avoid making it easy for invaders to enter our home! 

6. Install a Home Security Device 

Today, there are a variety of home security devices available.

Some may provide a live video of your home that allows homeowners to monitor from their smartphone what is happening inside and outside of their home. Others require anyone entering the home to insert a pin number into the dial pad to ensure that person has a right to be inside the home. 

Homeowners can also install discreet sensors that allow them to constantly monitor certain areas of their home. 

If this catches your attention, be sure to learn more about how a home security device can benefit your home today! 

7. Invest in Window Locks 

Did you know that 23 percent of home invaders enter through a window?

To minimize the possibility of a window break-in, be sure to install window locks. This is especially important for large windows in the basement or on the ground level. It’s also a good idea to install window locks on a second floor where an invader may use a tree or a ladder to reach that window. 

For those that are looking to take the extra step, you can also look into installing window bars. These are especially common on below-ground or first-floor windows. 

8. Minimize Evidence That You’re Away 

If you’re going away on holiday, be sure to take measures that you’re home doesn’t appear to be on holiday as well. 

For the bulk of this preparation, you will require the assistance of your neighbors, friends or housekeeper. Before leaving for holiday, be sure to arrange the following with your trusted friend: 

  • Collect your mail
  • Trim your lawn 
  • Visit the interior of the home

The purpose of this is to ensure that your home does not appear empty. You can also leave your car in your driveway and leave lights on to give the impression that you are home. 

9. Install a Deadbolt 

With enough experience and determination, almost any home lock can be disengaged.

Nowadays, a number of online stores sell merchandise that can easily breach most locks. In some cases, breaking a residential lock may even be as simple as using a credit card or safety pin. 

A deadbolt helps to add an extra sense of physical security to the doors. These deadbolts have proven extremely difficult for invaders to bypass and offer significant protection.

Even if an invader is able to bypass the initial locking mechanism, a deadbolt is likely to encourage them to move on. 

10. Always Lock Your Doors! 

Of course, this piece of advice may be obvious to some.

But, it’s also the most significant way to deter invaders from entering your home. In fact, in a study examing how crooks enter the home, an unlocked door is the most common method. This allows outside invaders to enter the home without the need to break in and without looking mysterious to the outside world. 

If you’re prone to forgetting to lock the door behind you, consider investing in smart lock automation systems that do it for you. These doors lock automatically and ensure that the days of your open door policy are behind you! 

A Security Upgrade for Every Homeowner 

In today’s world, home security is something that needs to be taken seriously by each and every homeowner. 

As technology progresses, it’s becoming significantly easier for home invaders to break into the home. 

While a home security system is a great place to start, it’s crucial not to stop here. Instead, be active in ensuring that you are making the best effort possible to protect your home. This may include locking your doors and windows, ditching your “hidden” key and installing deadlocks and motion-detector lighting. 

While it’s impossible to guarantee the protection of your home from invaders, these security upgrade tips are sure to minimize your chances of invasion. 

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