Eye Spy the Problem: How to Know When to See an Eye Doctor

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A significant majority of people report having vision issues. In fact, over 60 percent of adults wear eyeglasses or contact lenses on a daily basis.

This number is only growing over time. Also, younger people are also seeing the eye doctor more often. In the 20-30 age group, over 40 percent use visual aids.

Many people ask, how do you know when to see an eye doctor? There are a number of signs or symptoms that you need a visual aide. Read on to learn when you should get your eyes checked out by a professional.

Squinting Eyes

Is your vision blurry? Is it hard to focus when reading? Do you struggle to read street signs at night?

These are a few of the most obvious signs that you need to see an eye doctor. Many people respond to these vision issues by squinting their eyes to focus.

They also may lean in for a closer look. Struggling to read a magazine or a computer screen are clear indicators that your vision is deteriorating.

Frequent Headaches

Many people do not associate headaches with vision issues. However, headaches that form behind the eyes or in the forehead are signs of a vision issue.

These headaches develop as a throbbing or sharp pain. This is the body’s reaction to eye strain caused by your deteriorating vision.

Driving at Night

Do you have a difficult time driving at night? Are you slowing down well beyond the speed limit in an attempt to read a street sign?

Difficulty driving at night is another sign that you need a visual aide. Another indicator that vision is the culprit is seeing halos from oncoming traffic.

Visual Obstruction

Is your vision obstructed on either the left or right eye? These obstructions may manifest as spots or auras.

Sometimes, they cut across your eyes and are not fixed obstructions. In some cases, the obstructions are accompanied by a headache.

If this happens to you, make sure to schedule an appointment with an optometrist. There may be a significant eye issue causing the obstruction such as retina damage.

Sensitivity to Light

Have you ever walked outside after spending hours indoors and need to turn away? The sun seems so bright that it forces your eyes close?

This type of light sensitivity may be caused by an underlying eye issue. Light sensitivity usually happens very suddenly and lasts only briefly.

There are a number of different eye issues that could cause it. The most serious of health issues is a central nervous system disorder such as meningitis. Other potential health issues could be a corneal abrasion or eye infection.

When to See an Eye Doctor Recap

Do not put off seeing an eye doctor. Visual obstructions and light sensitivity can be caused by serious health issues.It is also dangerous to drive at night if you have vision issues. In many cases, the solution is simply to get a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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