6 DIY Custom Party Decoration Ideas to Bring Your Next Bash to Life

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About 26% of parents surveyed said that they spent more than $500 or their child’s first birthday -before presents.

Maybe it’s because of Pinterest that parents have so many more great party decoration ideas. Or maybe parents do it all for the perfect Instagram photo.

Either way, read on for the best ways you can personalize your party decor so you can throw the best birthday party ever. 

Custom Cake Topper

What is the one classic photo from every birthday party from ages 1 to 100? A picture of the birthday person next to the birthday cake, of course!

The birthday cake is the highlight of any birthday party. Make any cake you choose look like a million bucks by placing a custom name topper on it.

Custom cake toppers are a great DIY party decor idea. Check out this video to see how to make a DIY custom cake topper.

Or you can buy one pre-made with the birthday boy or girl’s name on it.

Custom Personalized Signage

Everyone knows you can zip over to the party store and buy balloons, streamers and tabletop decorations.

But to make the birthday boy or girl feel special, consider personalized signage around the party room.

For example, personalized water bottle labels look so much better than the brand name. It’s such a nice, thoughtful touch that will wow your guests and the birthday person. 

You can even have a blank space on the label for people to write their name. No more confusion about which water bottle is whose. 

You can also get a customized birthday sign printed with the special person’s name, their age and even a picture of them!

Personalized Drinkware 

No matter what theme you choose for a birthday party, you’re going to need drinkware. 

Maybe you chose mason jars for a rustic backyard birthday celebration. Or you may want plastic cups in the party’s theme colors. 

Either way, personalization on the cups is a great way to make the party unique. Best of all, the guests can take their cup home as a memento of the birthday party!

Custom Party Themes

Besides, the cake, the other crucial aspect of any birthday party is the theme.

You can highlight the person boy or girl’s personality by choosing a custom theme that suits his or her personality.

For example, go with an archaeologist-themed party for your dinosaur lover. Or an out of space theme for your planet-loving child.

Need more ideas? Check out these cute ideas for a DIY birthday party.

Thank You Notes

Don’t forget your proper etiquette! One of the best personalize party ideas is personalized stationery to send out as thank yous after the party.

You can use various programs such as Canva to design a postcard that you can print and mail out. Why not include pictures from the party?

Final Thoughts on Party Decoration Ideas

Thanks for reading! We hope these party decoration ideas have inspired you to find ways to add personal touches to your party decor.

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