Get a (Bright) Idea! How Does a Solar Panel Work?

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Here comes the sun!

It’s a beautiful day and you’re riding through town in your brand new Mustang convertible.

Glancing down the street, you’re struck by the number of solar panels glistening on the roofs above.

How is all that golden goodness turned into power, you wonder? How does a solar panel work?

Well, we’re here show you. So, sit back and soak it all up as we shed light on some of the cleanest power around.

How Does a Solar Panel Work

A solar panel lets particles of light, or photons, knock electrons free from atoms. It’s this process that generates a flow of electricity.

Solar panels themselves are made up of many smaller units. These are called photovoltaic cells. They’re made of silicon, just like semiconductors. Photovoltaic just means that the cells are capable of converting sunlight into electricity. 

Getting the Right Current

The moment sunlight hits these cells, they produce direct current electricity. This then needs to be converted into alternating current or AC electricity. This is the good stuff. It’s the type of current we need to power our homes.

We use AC electricity mainly because it’s less expensive to transmit over long distances. 

The conversion process happens by means of an inverter. It’s attached to the direct current supply produced by the photovoltaic cells.

Multiple panels or modules can be to form a solar array. And, guess what? The more panels you have, the more electricity you can make.

Getting the panels installed is usually straightforward. It’s worth discussing your needs with a reputable business, like Cola Solar. They’ll help you figure out which types of panel are best for your home.

They’ll also be able to explain things to you in more detail so you get educated with the knowledge you need to make solar panels one of your best investments ever.

You Mean I Can Make Money out of This?

Yes, it’s true! Sometimes your panels will generate more power than you actually need. Perhaps you’re away on vacation and there’s a string of sunny days, for example. 

You will still benefit because the excess energy can be fed back into the grid to be used by others. You will then get credit from your conventional supplier.

In turn, you may want to draw against that at night or on cloudy days. Your meter should be able to record the energy sent out compared to the energy received from the grid. 

Tipping the balance in your favor may take a bit of time. But, added to other energy saving ideas, you should soon be able to see this process working in your favor.

Ray of Light

How does a solar panel work? Well, now you know! And, if you look at the advantages of them in broad daylight, you’ll quickly see that they are one of your home’s must-haves

How does a solar panel work? We hope we’ve answered your question. We have a string of other ideas to help you make the most from the world around you. Come and join us on our journey to a better and more productive life.

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