“What Is My Passion?” 3 Ways to Answer That Question Right Now…

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What exactly does it mean to have a passion in life? 

If you’re like 70% of people in the US, you believe having a passion involves finding a career that’s intrinsically rewarding. 

However, seven in 10 workers identify as disengaged employees. That means the vast majority of Americans are passionless. 

Does your passion need to be your primary source of income? And how do you find something you’re passionate about, to begin with?

Struggling to determine the answer to the age-old question of “What is my passion?” Keep reading for a few tips on discovering your life’s true calling! 

1. Check Your Social Media Accounts

We don’t mean to pry, but what pages and posts do you like on Facebook, and who do you follow on Twitter? What do you have pinned on your Pinterest boards? What are your favorite subreddits, and what YouTube channels are you subscribed to?

Answering these questions provides you with clues about what topics interest you the most, allowing you to zero in on your passion.

Don’t use social media? Look at your bookmarks and browser history to see what types of sites you frequent. Also, pay attention to what kind of newspaper articles grab your attention and evoke the strongest feelings. 

2. Harness the Power of Visualization

Author and speaker Craig Beck suggests that visualization is one of the keys to learning how to find your purpose in life. He recommends setting goals and imagining yourself accomplishing them, and then writing down what you see. Seeing what it’s like to feel excited about waking up every day will push you to make better decisions.

Alternatively, you can put together a vision board on a poster or your computer. Add photos of places, things, and people that inspire and energize you. When you finish, try to look for patterns, as they can reveal what you’re passionate about.

3. Look Beyond a Full-Time Job

You may dream about having a passion that you can turn into a profitable startup, but what if your favorite hobby is making candles? How do you live a comfortable life on that salary?

And let’s say that you do end up finding a hobby that’s profitable. Would still enjoy it as much as you do if you made it your career, or would your passion eventually fade away? It might best for you to keep your passion separate from your work. 

However, a great way to put your skills to good use is to explore high-demand jobs in related fields. 

For example, if you enjoy writing short stories but can’t make a living from it, give copywriting a go. There are many companies who would love to use your storytelling abilities to market their products or services.

Answering the Question: “What Is My Passion?”

Consider that many experts hold the belief that you must actively work to develop a passion in life. Therefore, don’t expect for a brilliant idea to fall into your lap overnight.

Start treating the process of finding a purpose like an adventure. If someone you know has a hobby they’re passionate about, ask them to let you tag along for the day. Try as many new activities as you can, and avoid giving up on something after the first sign of failure.

Do you think you finally know how to approach the question “What is my passion?” If so, want more self-improvement tips? Be sure you check out our 9 practices to live by!

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