Get Your Lean On: Here’s What You Need to Know About Turning on a Motorcycle

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Turning on a motorcycle can be the biggest challenge when learning to ride. But don’t let this turn you away from experiencing the world of biking. See, the wonderful world of biking is liberating!

We want to get you on the road, so you can get a taste of the magic. But first, we need to ensure you got the fundamentals down. Learning takes time, so be easy on yourself.

What’s important is to keep up safety habits to stay safe. We’re going to give you some inside tips on how to lean the safest way!

Centering When Turning on a Motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, you want to be aware of weight distribution. This is going to keep your body on the bike instead of the road. If you lean too far with your whole body, the entire bike will tip.

The important bit here is to distribute so there is even weight on each side of the bike. But how do you do this? Great question and we’ve to go the perfect explanation.

When you’re turning right, turn your chest and point your right knee in that direction. Keep your back straight, and center your torso. This is how you stay stable on the bike while leaning.

You also don’t want to jut out your knee when turning. It’s subtle and slight, not a jerking movement. Jerking can cause you to lose control of the steering or fall.

You’ll know if you’re doing it wrong because you’ll get back pain from riding.

Practice All The Time

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. Ride out in your driveway, and practice in circles. Get the rhythm down and focus on keeping your gut center with the bike.

Keep at it and you’ll start to feel a groove. You’ll be ready for a race in no time. Want racing information?

The goal is to learn to ride well and ride safe. Practice safe habits and keep your speed low while you learn.

There will be plenty of time to go fast later on. As you learn, you’ll grow comfortable with turning. Then, you can start to learn other tricks like riding on one back wheel.

But this is an adventure that takes time and focus. Don’t try to get their overnight because accidents will happen. Make your ride even more fun, and rock out to some awesome tunes!

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