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10 Inexpensive Hobbies That Teach a Wealth of Priceless Knowledge

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Are you becoming tired or bored with your current routine? Are you looking for creative, inexpensive ways to boost your creativity and passion? Are you on the hunt for healthy habits and hobbies to add to your daily life?

That’s awesome!

There are many science-backed reasons to have mentally stimulating hobbies. Besides improving work performance, hobbies benefit your physical health and reduce stress! As a bonus, their positive affects work almost immediately, too.

Cheap doesn’t always mean tacky or lame. There are a plethora of cheap hobbies that pack as much punch as a gym membership or a cross-country road trip.

Don’t believe us? Then check out this list of some of our favorite things to do without breaking the bank!

1. Listen to a Podcast

As of June 2015, there were 206,000 podcasts listed on Apple’s Podcast app! We’re sure that more have gotten added as the popularity of them has increased.

The top three categories fell under Christianity, comedy, and music. But if you want to learn about a specific topic, there’s a podcast about it. From succulents to exercise to travel, there’s an episode for everything.

The majority of these shows are free or listener-supported. The free podcasts get sponsored by different companies, who run short ads on each podcast. This is a small price to pay when you consider the wealth of knowledge available on these shows.

2. Stargaze

This is for the lovers of the sky! How much is a telescope? We’re glad you asked!

It doesn’t cost much to expand your vision. There are a decent amount of telescopes in the $50 range that offer a high-quality view of the galaxies. For $100, you almost double the details you’re able to see.

Besides, a one-time fee of $50-100 could last you for a while. Put a blanket in your backyard and spend time identifying constellations. Or figure out when the next meteor shower is and prepare to make some wishes on shooting stars!

3. Take a Hike

Hiking is a totally free, completely educational experience. Other than the clothes on your body and whatever’s in your backpack, of course.

Many trailheads begin with signs that explain the local wildlife, fauna and flora, and so on. Use it as an opportunity to learn and have a mental reset.

AllTrails is a free app that offers information about 50,000 trails! Give it a download and take a hike with a friend or furry companion.

4. Learn a New Language

Thanks to technology, learning a new language is now easier than ever.

Not only will this take up a good chunk of your free time, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Besides the amazing benefits to your brain, it allows you a chance for social connection, too.

Sites like Duolingo offer free language drills that cover speaking, writing, and reading.

5. Flex Your Green Thumb

Gardening is an inexpensive way to get your creative energy out into the world. If you want a hobby that requires a little more time and creative skillset, gardening might be the thing for you.

Paint your own pots. Trim clippings and cuttings from certain plants and propagate them for free. Talk a walk around Lowe’s’ garden center and pick up stray leaves for propagation.

6. Yoga with a Side of Meditation

Once again, we can thank technology for how accessible certain free programs are. YouTube is a great way to view free, guided yoga classes and meditations.

If you want to try your hand at stretches and poses, this is a great way to do it. Practice at home and build confidence first if you’re shy about attending a class as a newbie. The channel Yoga with Adriene offers a mix of classes ranging from beginning to advanced.

And of course, there’s the option to begin and end your yoga sesh with meditation. This exercise encourages balance in the body and mind. It also aids in reducing high blood pressure and easing pain and depression.

Those benefits are free!

7. Try Dispersed Car Camping

Want to camp at an awesome site without paying a fee? That’s not even possible, is it?

Actually, it is. It’s doable, it’s possible, it’s free. And it’s waiting for you to tap into it.

This is a way to stay on established campgrounds without having to pay overnight fees. This is perfect for those who want to camp for more than one night without spending a ton of money. Of course, you don’t always have the amenities of a typical campground but that’s what nature’s all about!

Most sites are already leveled and ready for you to pitch a tent. They also have designated sites with fire pits and numbered lots, ensuring you that it’s all yours. This is a great way to experience the primal side of nature, sans human activity.

8. Volunteer Your Services

There are many places, organizations, and crises that could use your help and your energy. And the rewards you reap from volunteering are something indescribable. Trust us. is a site that pairs you with local listings that need your time. Spend a Saturday morning at the animal shelter or painting houses for Metropolitan Ministries.

9. Write It Down

Consider blogging or good old-fashioned pen and paper. Writing is a free, rewarding way to tap into your emotions and give them some perspective. Sit down and write what comes to your head, no-holds-barred.

You might be awe-struck at what you can come up with! Consider it a way to meditate without staying still. Your brain is waiting!

10. Try Your Hand at Crocheting or Knitting

These hobbies aren’t only for your grandma.

In fact, both activities improve patience, hand-eye coordination, and dedication. And as far as supplies go, they’re both on the cheaper end. Once you’ve got your yarn and your hooks, you’re good to go.

Tap into free resources like YouTube for tutorials and ideas for your next project. And don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make your patterns modern and unique.

Cheap Hobbies are Priceless Experiences

This list is far from all-inclusive. In fact, we hope it inspired you to think of even more cheap hobbies that are endlessly rewarding!

Don’t like writing? Then learn how to become a better reader, instead!

Think yoga is a little too slow? Then try a game of pick-up soccer or basketball at your local park or gym!

For more fun ideas and inspiration, check out the awesome DIY section of our blog!

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