Are You the Next Best-Selling Author? How to Get a Book Published When You’re On Your Own

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Getting a book published is more than a life goal for many people. It’s part of the American dream, a way to tell your story and help others remember your life and legacy, fiction or otherwise.

But how to get a book published is a question many folks have pondered in their quest to achieve this dream. Do you need to know someone or have an unusual story?

While none of these qualities hurt, there are other ways to ensure your story lives on. Get ready to learn more about publishing your book with our helpful guide.

Read and Know Your Genres

There’s a variety of genres out there for both fiction and nonfiction. You can choose to write anything that ranges from a romance or a mystery to an autobiography.

Before doing so, it makes sense to read and get a feel for what good writing looks like. Not only will you see what it is about certain books that appeal to people, but you discover your own voice in the process.

Knowing the differences between each genre and how writers approach them can give you new ideas and techniques to try out as you write your book. Even after you’ve completed your book, you never know when you’ll want to return again and continue expanding it along the way.

Figure Out What Type of Book You’re Writing

Now that you know the different genres, think about your book and the message you want to share with others. Do you want to discuss your life, the life of a famous individual, or share an inspirational message?

Your book may fit into more than one category. Nevertheless, it’s easier for the publisher to market it if it fits into a genre that buyers are expecting.

Keep this in mind as you write and while you’re looking for a publisher. You’ll find it’s easier to get results when you can say your book is fiction or a gothic horror story.

Know Books That Are Tough Sells for Most Publishers

You know about the different genres, but did you know some are harder to sell than others?

Popular genres on the market include modern fiction and children’s fiction. Mysteries and romance make up a large percent of the fiction market, too.

In contrast, artistic material such as poetry is less in demand. Unless you’re a popular writer or you plan to self-publish, you’ll find it hard to get the type of outreach you’re seeking in these genres.

Get Used to Rejection in the Steps to Publishing a Book

Rejection is something we deal with all throughout life. This includes work, dating, and especially writing.

Sometimes publishers reject writers because they don’t think the book can sell. Perhaps they have something similar, or they aren’t sure if it’s a good investment.

It’s possible you’ll find the right publisher after shopping around or trying to market to different places. Rejection can teach you a lot about approaching a publishing company.

Consider each instance you’re turned away a learning experience.

Even after you’re published, you’ll find rejection in the form of unfavorable reviews or readers who didn’t care for the book. Go through your writing experience knowing that it doesn’t have to define your abilities or quality of writing.

Know That You Can Negotiate Your Deal Once Its Offered

Once you find a publisher who’s interested in working with you, don’t accept the first offer they give you. Just as you would in a regular job, it pays to negotiate with a publisher and work to get a rate that’s better for you.

As a new writer, you’ll have some limitations, unless you’re famous, or bringing along a solid fanbase to buy your work.

While you likely want to snatch up the first offer you get before the publisher changes their mind, make sure what’s being offered is a good fit for your needs. It’s better to have a long-term relationship with a publisher who can focus on your needs. If you don’t have that understanding, you’ll burn out and look for new representation soon.

Consider the Benefits of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is all the rage. It cuts out the middleman and eliminates the need for an agent and publisher. This makes it easy for you to get your name and work out there.

If you’re looking for ways to start self-publishing on your own, you’ll have to wear different hats, including marketing and even editing (if you so choose). Self-publishing offers you greater freedom. You can focus on what you’d like to write and which platforms you’ll promote on.

You can even work entirely from home on your career as an author, as long as you make an effort to improve your writing and appeal to an audience.

If you’re wondering how to break into self-publishing, check out this guide and see how you can begin.

Learn More About How to Get a Book Published

If you’re wondering how to get a book published, there’s a lot of steps involved every step of the way. You want to craft a book that people can enjoy reading and find a publisher.

If you’d rather go an independent route, self-publishing provides a helpful option for many aspiring authors. No matter what you choose, it’s important to press onward and not give up at the first rejection.

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