How to Design Company Shirts Your Team Will Love

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We’ve all seen them, and we might have even had to wear them. You know what I’m talking about. The dreaded work uniform.

Work uniforms don’t have to be boring, bland, and black. Having the right t-shirt on your employees can create energy, help build your brand, and even bring a smile to the customer’s face.

Think about it, great company shirts are one of the first things your customers see when they walk through the door. Click here to make sure they’re doing their job well.

Why You Need Company Shirts

There are a lot of different reasons why you may need a company t-shirt. They include:

  • Promotional gifts
  • Internal company usage
  • Event souvenirs
  • Merchandise

But the biggest reason why you should have company t-shirts is to help identify your brand. Your customers can get a lot out of a simple t-shirt design.

What does your shirt convey about you? Is your business tailored towards luxury or are your more casual? Playful or serious? Edgy or conservative?

Trust us, a t-shirt really can say a lot.

Where to Start

Knowing that a t-shirt says a thousand words, it can feel overwhelming to try to come up with the perfect design. Here are some tips to get you started.


Have you ever seen a t-shirt that looked interesting, but couldn’t quite read it? And in an effort to not be caught staring, you had to quickly look away.

It’s okay. We’ve had those awkward moments too.

That’s why it’s important to use bold typography that can be read easily. I mean, the t-shirts are literally walking billboards and you need to take advantage of the advertising space.


Different colors convey different emotions. If you have a company that deals with kids, use fun, bright, colors. If you run a night club, you may want to use darker, moodier colors.

If you want to combine colors, but aren’t sure what colors go well together, follow the color wheel rules.

Different body types

Okay, this may seem like an uncomfortable topic, but hear us out. Your company t-shirts are going to worn by lots of different body types. Keep this in mind as your design your shirt.

What looks good on the accountant, may not be as flattering on the secretary. Catch our drift? This is why we suggest clean designs that won’t make anyone uncomfortable.

Budget and Quantity

Now that you’ve designed your one-of-kind shirt, we need to talk about budget and quantity.

How many shirts will you need and how much money can you spend? I mean, we do need to keep an eye on the finances.

There are ways you can save money when it comes to printing. For example, multiple colors will cost more money. So you may want to keep your design to one or two colors.

Printing a lot of shirts in bulk is usually cheaper than printing a small order. And in additions to the amount, there are also different types of printers that can be used.

  1. Screen Printing: Ideal of large orders, but lots of colors end up being expensive
  2. Vinyl Graphics: More durable than just ink. Ideal for when you want quality over quantity
  3. Direct-to-garment: Highly customizable with great color, but doesn’t work well on dark-colored garments

Still not sure? Companies like Meowprint T Shirt Printing can give you all the answers you need.

You Can Do This

Whether you are designing company shirts for your team to wear, to promote a new product, or to sell at an upcoming corporate event, you can do this!

With your passion and drive, you can create the perfect apparel to show off your brand and let your customers know exactly who you are.

And if you need more ideas on how to make your business more effective. Check out our site. We’ve got all the ideas you’ll need.

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