Avoiding Injuries and Claims: 5 Smart Workplace Safety Ideas to Implement in 2019

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Did you know a worker is injured every seven seconds? That’s a shocking number that both employers and employees don’t want to see. Workers don’t want to miss work and companies need healthy employees to carry out their daily duties.

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to avoid injuries and compensation claims. Injured workers negatively affect production and your bottom line.

So how can you avoid injuries in your business? 

Start by reading and implementing these five smart workplace safety ideas. 

1. Starts with Training

If you don’t have one already, create a comprehensive safety guide for your company. Give every employee a copy of your safety book and require everyone to read and acknowledge it. 

Make sure everyone knows the safety concerns for all the common areas of your business. Then create supplemental safety materials and training for specialized areas within your company. For example, machine operators would be required to go through safety program particular to their craft and learn machine safety tips.

Design a program whereby all employees complete training through appointed safety officers.

2. Provide a Safe Environment

Most injuries can be prevented simply by taking safety precautions throughout the premises.

For example, make sure floors are free of debris and are never wet. Train employees to place safety signs around spills so other workers don’t slip and fall. Clean wet surfaces immediately before anyone gets hurt.

Provide adequate lighting throughout the workplace. Poor lighting causes eye-strain for those working on computers and presents unnecessary accident risks.

Don’t let staircases become storage shelves. Keep them clear as people travel up and down the stairs.

3. Practice with Drills

Learning safety procedures is an important first step. Practicing them is the logical next step.

Practice drills every three to six months. Assess how your team executes emergency procedures. Do they adequately know what to do in the event of a fire or if an injury.

Grade your performance and take steps to improve for each successive next drill.

4. Always Have a Full First Aid Kit

Ensure that your workers have access to a completely stocked first-aid kit. Make sure your kits are distributed throughout your premises and that no worker is far from first aid when they need it.

5. Seek More Safety Education

Staying abreast of advancements in workplace safety is an important part of your overall plan.

For example, many companies are now partnering with occupational medicine clinicians. A qualified clinician can visit your worksite and identify your strengths and weakness. They will provide you with actionable information to help your efforts.

Empower your safety officer by giving them the ability to improve their knowledge. To that end, you might send your manager to a safety convention or give them a set budget for new safety innovations and learning materials.

Workplace Safety Ideas to Reduce Injuries

When it comes to work-related injuries, a little prevention goes a long way. And a comprehensive safety program goes the extra mile.

By implementing smart workplace safety ideas, such as providing complete training and practice drills, you can significantly lower your odds of an injury occurring at work.

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