Luxe on a Budget: 7 Fancy Home Decor Ideas for Small Homes

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We all want to live in a fancy house, but some of us don’t have the budget. To add insult to injury, we may not even have a large space to work with.

The good news is that money and space do not need to slow us down. There are plenty of home decor ideas for small homes and many of them won’t break the bank.

A few of these ideas are listed in the paragraphs below, so read on to find out more.

1. Minimalism

One of the great ironies of life is that avoiding clutter and opting for fewer decorations can make your home look more upscale.

Too much can give the impression of desperation and come off as tacky. The same goes with any kind of clutter, so anybody who’s not naturally tidy should clean up and find a way to stay organized.

The question of space also comes into play here. Less clutter equals more space, and large amounts of space can make a house look more expensive.

2. Art

A few well-placed pieces of art can make all the difference. It’s one of the definitive home decor ideas for small homes.

In terms of what art should be used, there isn’t one particular answer. 

Much of the decision depends on budget and personal taste. One of the cheapest options is photography. A well-placed photo can brighten up a room, and vintage, monochrome photography fits almost anywhere.

For those with a more modern taste, there’s also abstract art. A few splashes of color and outlines left to interpretation can do a lot to give life to a room.

That’s only the beginning. There’s also 3D art and art you’ve created yourself. You don’t even have to be a good sketch artist or painter. Art can be just about any creative idea that you give shape to.

3. Luxury Furniture

Every house has furniture, but the right kind of furniture can do a lot to bring a touch of elegance to your home. There are many different kinds of luxury furniture out there and plenty of places to get them.

For instance, we know where to find a great selection of luxury sofas. Click the link to discover more.

Certain types of furniture may seem more luxurious than others. Chairs such as Chesterfields, barrel chairs, and wingbacks seem like staples to formal spaces, but, like anything, they can work against you if the room doesn’t match.

The truth is that any type of furniture can work if done correctly. You just need to choose a style you like and commit to it. Different styles in the same room can often clash.

4. Mirrors

A lot of decorators suggest using mirrors to add a bit of flair to your home. Mirrors can add a tasteful and useful touch to any room, but they need to be used sparingly. 

Contrast is also a good idea when it comes to mirrors. You may want t try using large mirrors in smaller rooms. That way, the mirror becomes a noticeable part of the room, but not in any negative way.

Mirrors on the ceiling are a bad idea. The time for that trend has come and gone, and it deserves to die with dignity.

If you do want to find a new and creative way to use mirrors, you could try mirrored flooring. This can be done any number of different ways, from simple refective tiles to actual shards of broken mirrors glued together. 

On a related note, if you’re not one for crushed mirror flooring, you could make a mural or other art piece out of a shattered mirror.

5. Moldings

Moldings are a great way to decorate the floors and ceilings of your house. It’s a subtle touch, but it can really help hold a room together.

The fact that most moldings are very simplistic works well with a minimalist theme, should you choose one. However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing more intricate moldings. Either type can still fit in your home.

6. Muted Colors

Nothing can ruin a design faster than an obnoxious color scheme. A little bright color every now and then never hurt anybody, but too much can make a home look childish.

Muted colors are a much better option. They still give you access to the full-color spectrum without risking too much brightness.

Colors that are too dark can cause just as much trouble, so it’s best to stick to something in between bright and dark.

7. Decorative Pieces

A few good knickknacks can put the finishing touches on the look. Any number of things will work here. You could use abstract decorative wall clocks, eclectic rugs, a few small sculptures or vases, or several other things besides.

If you have something you own that is actually an antique with a history behind it, display it. It’ll catch the attention of guests and makes for a great conversation piece.

Home Decor Ideas for Small Homes

There’s nothing that says a small home can’t look sophisticated, and many people have done just that. They have come up with home decor ideas for small homes. 

You could carefully place mirrors and art to help liven up a room and bring attention to important aspects of the room. A small amount of luxury furniture and muted tones can also add an air of sophistication, as will moldings and decorative pieces.

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